Monday, November 4, 2013

Being Prepared In A New Town

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Moving to a new town has many uncertainties, especially with regards to emergency preparedness.  I moved from Salt Lake City where my neighborhood had an emergency plan, and plenty of CERT members, to a small town where I wasn't certain what the emergency plan was.  So, I was really excited (doesn't take much) when I saw a sign for a preparedness fair in my new town.  It wasn't a huge fair, but it had all the basics, and I was really looking forward to finding out what my new community had  in place for emergencies. 

 At the entrance to the fair were my local firefighters, police, search and rescue, and EMS crews. It was a great display of trucks!!

 Inside the high school were several preparedness booths, including Maralin Hoff, the Earthquake Lady.  If you ever need a great preparedness speaker, she is amazing and fun!!  (Utah only)  She spoke to my old neighborhood and I wrote a post, but it didn't transfer to my new blog format.  You can see the first part of that post HERE.

There were also companies like Nitro-Pak, Emergency Essentials, Wise Food, etc. 

And one of my favorite companies.....Goal Zero!  was selling all kinds of Goal Zero products.  If you are in the market for a solar generator, flashlights, lights, etc.,  this is the company to research.  I personally own a Goal Zero generator and it works so well to charge phones, laptops, video players, mp3 players, and other small devices. I highly recommend their products.

And this fun little product is called the Turbo Toilet.  It is a brand new product from The Backside company, it was very well made and folded down to just a few inches wide, and then popped up when you needed to use it.  It's always exciting to find new products, check out their site HERE.

I wish I had had more time to attend more booths, but I had to pick up my kids from their after school activities.  But I did pick up quite a bit of information on being prepared in my new town.  And that made my short visit to the preparedness fair worth it!

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