Food Storage Retailers

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I have a few favorite places where I like to shop for food storage.  This shopping is for items that I don't usually buy from the grocery store, like bulk flours, dehydrated and freeze-dried items. This list is for the area of Salt Lake City, UT

Honeyville Grain

Honeyville Farms
Salt Lake City Store

389 West 1830 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Phone:(801) 839-7576
(801) 972-8412

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Honeyville on Facebook
They have an amazing teaching kitchen with very informative classes, that are FREE!!  Check the website for more info.  They carry every grain you can think of, items in bulk, #10 cans of freeze-dried/dehydrated fruits/veggies, emergency preparedness items, shelf-stable milks/creams, pressure canners, dehydrators, emergency water supplies, ETC.!!!  Sign up for their emails to get special coupons and pricing!!

Emergency Essentials
33rd S. West Temple They have moved to Murray and Bountiful.  Click HERE to see all Utah locations.
Sign up for their mailing list and receive a full color catalog every month with sales and pricing information.They carry bulk food along with tents, sleeping bags, water barrels, MRE's, etc!!

Augason Farms
3431 S. 500 W.
They carry bulk grains, Morning Moos milk alternative, and they have a great clearance area.  Check out their website for contests!! 

LDS Cannery
730 W. 800 S.
Great resource for bulk grains and great prices.  If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you will need to find a friend who is, and you can go can with them!

Recreation Outlet
3160 S. State St.
They carry any kind of camping equipment that you may need!  I love to do Christmas shopping at this store.  They have so many fun little gadgets to look at, and their pricing is unbeatable!!  Sign up for their email list to get special coupons and sales!!

Winco Foods
7020 S. 700 W. 
This store has an amazing bulk bin area where you can get as much or as little as you want of so many items!!  I get all of my spices here because of how inexpensive it is!!!!  I purchased a small bag of chives for .33!  Can't beat that!  Their canned goods (Hy-Top brand) are usually cheaper than case lot sales, so stock up!!

Coupon Websites
I am a big believer in using coupons and I use quite a few blogs/websites to find all the deals. use passport g84rcm for Utah

I also love me some food storage blogs/websites (food storage nerd alert :) (she has the most detailed price comparison list for all grocery store case lot sales, warehouses prices, big box stores, the LDS Cannery, and emergency prep. stores)


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  2. There are a lot of prepared meals in a bag at The Ready Project; Ready Project mylar bags come in handy and are resealable! The headquarters is in Lindon,Utah. Get a discount coupon at their website: Who knows, The Ready Project may become
    one of your favs!


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