Sunday, March 25, 2012

Make-A-Mix Cookbook

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Do you know what I love about taking a preparedness class??  I get so motivated to do something!!  Yesterday I took a Mix A Meal class at Honeyville Grain and I felt inspired to make a few of these mixes for my family.  I feel that preparedness is personal and is different for everyone, and you need to pray for guidance and inspiration for your family.  I have felt promptings during classes, at the store, at a garage sale and when I follow those promptings I find the items I purchased were meant for me to use in making preparedness that much easier. 

After the class I returned home to find a delivery from and it was my new Make-A-Mix cookbook.  Don't get it confused with the Mix-A-Meal cookbook and class that I attended at Honeyville.  Both books have the same idea, making mixes in bulk to save time and money.  I have an original copy (1978) of the Make-A-Mix book and I wanted the updated version, so when it showed up on my doorstep yesterday it was confirmation that I needed to make some mixes. Click HERE to see a previous post on the old book.

The updated Make-A-Mix cookbook.
 This is what I did today and I can't wait to save time making dinner this week!!
I am not going to publish the recipes because that would infringe on the rights of the authors, but I suggest you either look this book up at your local library or order one from Amazon.  It will save you time and money!!  The book starts off with how to put the mixes together and then gives you recipes for using the mixes. (the mixes last about 12 weeks)  This is what I plan on making with my mixes above.

Hot Roll Mix
-French bread
-Crescent rolls
-Hamburger Buns
-Pizza Crust
-English Muffins
There are many more but those are the ones I want to try first!

Quick Mix
-Crispy Breadsticks
-English griddle scones
-Morning Muffins
-Quick pancakes
Many, many more recipes in the book!

Corn Bread Mix
-Corn Bread (I have several meals that I need corn bread for)
-Corn Dogs

There are 328 pages of recipes and ideas and I can't wait to implement them into my daily cooking.  I'll do almost anything to make dinner time easier and I hope these mixes are the way to go!!

Hot Rolls from the Hot Roll Mix
 Here are my rolls for dinner tonight using the Hot Roll Mix. They were delicious!!  

Rice cooked with onion soup mix.
I also made some of the "best rice ever", according to my daughter, using the Onion Soup Mix from the Mix-A-Meal book.  The owners of the book allowed me to share this recipe.

Onion Soup Mix
2/3 C dehydrated onions
1/2 C beef bouillon (I used Shirley J's)
1/2 C dehydrated butter or margarine (I used Honeyville's powdered butter)
2 T cornstarch
2 t onion powder
2 t parsley flakes
Mix well and store in an airtight container.  Use in any dry onion soup recipe.  About 1/3 C equals one packet of Lipton soup mix.

Onion Steamed Rice
1 C rice to 3 C water
2 t onion soup mix
Cover and steam 20 minutes or  until rice is tender.  (I used my rice cooker and did 2 C rice, 3 1/4 C water, and 4 t onion soup mix)

(click HERE to view a  previous  post on the Mix-A-Meal cookbook)


  1. I have loved this book since I was raising 5 kids and working full-time. It is great! I have brownies in the oven right now and I prefer the quick mix over Bisquick or Krusteas.

  2. I have the old and new versions of their books. I live in a small town. When I first moved here I made a lemon pie with the mix for a class. It was getting made so much that the grocery store ran out of lemonade mix. I bet he was scratching his head trying to figure out why he was sold out of lemonade mix in the middle of winter. Also the quick mix makes the best biscuits.

    1. I love this! How funny and thank you for sharing:)


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