Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Safer Emergency Candle

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It doesn't take much to excite me (especially when it comes preparedness items) and when I saw this new emergency candle I knew I had to have one.  I am all for having an emergency plan, but you need to have a backup plan and a backup plan to your backup plan.  I like to have options for my emergency preparedness and when it comes to lighting I feel you need to have several different ways to light your home, tent, car, or wherever you may be bugging out.  

Meet the newest member of the lighting family, the Safer Emergency Candle
 The Safer Emergency Candle is a great way to have a compact, lightweight light source. A major selling point to me is that if the candle gets tipped over is puts itself out.  Each packet comes with 5 float cups, 100 wicks  (candle wick burns +/- 10 hours).

The instructions are quite simple....

Fill a small glass half-way with water.
Add no more than 1/2" of oil.  I used Canola oil.
Place the wick into the plastic cup.
Add the plastic float cup into the glass.
And light!! 
 If the glass gets tipped, the water will put out the flame.  I have 5 children and in an emergency I would feel at peace knowing my kids wouldn't be burning our home down. I would not leave the candle unattended but it is an added safety feature. 

The Safer Candle is also very cost effective.  This is from the Safer Candle website:

Convenient and far less expensive:

A package of Kevin’s Kandles costing MSRP less than $ 9.USD and contains sufficient supplies to create 100 candles. Factoring in the average cost of vegetable oil in North America will provide the consumer with 100 - 10 hour candles for less than 20¢ per candle. There is no other candle on the market at this low price. It is conceivable that you, as a consumer would only require one package in your lifetime. If the consumer decides to use these candles instead of traditional candles in a non-power failure situation as a means to improve their safety – so much the better.

I'm sold!  I thought these little packets of wicks and float cups were such a great idea.  I have lanterns, candles, flashlights, and now a Safer Candle pack.  Check out the Safer Candle website to order.

I even tested the brightness of the candle.  Don't mind my kids' bathroom (please) but is the only room without a window and I did this test during the day. I could see this working really well with 2 or 3 on my kitchen table and we could have enough light for meals.  So, if you would like another option for your lighting storage this may be the way to go.  I lit the candle just before dinner and it has been burning for over an hour and I haven't noticed any difference in the size of the flame.

Honeyville in Salt Lake was kind enough to let me have this packet of Safer Candles to try out. 


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  2. One week after Hurricane Sandy and millions are still living without electricity. Batteries are gone and fuel for generators if unavailable.

    Are Emergency Relief Organizations like FEMA and The Red Cross dropping the ball by NOT supporting Kevin's Kandles as an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Tool?

    There have been 6 reported "accidental paraffin candle fires" reported in NYC this week!

    If a Kevin's Kandle is left unattended - it will go out; if it is tipped over - it will go out!

    Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example of why this great Fire Prevention idea should interest you.


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