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Welcome everyone! If you are prepared you shall not fear! There is no fear when you have food storage and are prepared for whatever hardship comes your way. Follow the year plan and stock up on 1 long-term food item every month while still filling your pantry with 3-month supplies. Stocking your pantry is easy when you have a list full of great deals! Grocery deals will be posted when I find an amazing stock up price. Being prepared isn't overwhelming when you know the how's and why's of emergency preparedness. During the week, read posts about stocking up on a budget,  emergency preparedness, along with all things related to preparing. Cooking with your storage is fun and simple. Look for Prepare Today Homemade posts when I find a delicious recipe!

We will "Begin in a small way,....and gradually build toward a reasonable objective."
Gordon B. Hinckley
Oct. 2002
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