Saturday, January 29, 2011

How was your January???

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It's the last week of January and you have a few days left to finish your January goals.  Did you purchase extra cans of food or add to your grains storage this month?  How are your car kits coming along?  In my family the granola bars and water in our car kits get used quite often. When I am dropping kids off at a school event and they forgot their water and snack, they know they just have to open the back of the car and grab what they need.  My kids also love to use the fleece blankets before the car gets warmed up.  So even just little things like that shows me that having a few items on hand in your vehicle can make life easier.

Most importantly did your family have a FHE night and make a Family Plan??
If not click HERE to view what you should know as a family to be prepared. 

I know that I may be a little obsessed with food storage, but I have found that if it is always on my mind, even in the back of my mind, I find deals and opportunities that I would have missed if my focus was elsewhere.  To Live Our Best Self-Reliant Lives in 2011 I would encourage you all to keep preparedness on your mind as you live your daily lives.   Keep a running list handy of things that you are looking for and it will surprise you when they go on sale and you find it is just what you were looking for.  I promise you if you do this you will have a sense of peace in your life!!  Knowing you can sustain your family in an emergency is one blessing, but also you will become self-reliant and you will be able to help others!!!

Click HERE to view the complete list of goals for January.  Grains, water, and 3-month supply items are all on sale!!!

Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the blessings!

Feel the peace!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking a Break

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Have you ever had one of those nights where your child is sick with a fever, cries non-stop, gags at taking medicine, and has to sleep with you, yet you can't sleep because they have to touch you or they can't sleep.  Yeah....I have had 2 of those nights back to back and I really have no energy or brain power left.  I have no imagination to think of a new post for tonight so you all get a free day in preparing :) (This is a situation where my stored Gatorade & Powerade has come in handy. Yesterday my baby would only drink that. I was so glad I didn't have to run to the store!!)

To view the goals for January click HERE

To view all the other posts from January CLICK HERE!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Complete Proteins and More!

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This month we are storing grains.  As a vegetarian I love grains, but I also need to make sure I get enough protein in my diet.  I am sure that many of you know that if you eat beans and rice together you are eating a complete protein. Longer term storage is kind of tricky when you need to store meats and dairy products.  In the event we don't have meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and fresh milk products you can eat grains along with a complementing protein, and have a protein equivalent to meat!


"Planning meals around these complementary food combinations will provide the complete proteins needed by the body.  In many cases it will be better than a meat protein.  Complementing proteins should be eaten withing the same day."
WHEAT + BEANS                         RICE + LEGUMES
WHEAT + MILK                            RICE + MILK
BEANS + MILK               
CEREAL + MILK                         

Have you stored any water this week?

Store  your water in different containers as well as in different locations.  If you keep all your water in your basement and your house collapses, where are you going to get your water from.  Keep water in your car, basement, kitchen, backyard, under the stairs, etc.

I found a great recipe this week for Creamy Chicken Taquitos and it uses mostly items that you would have in your 3-month storage.  Remember that your 3-month storage includes the food in your refrigerator and freezer.  Items like green onions and cilantro would be in my fridge because I use them quite often.  Don't think of your 3-month storage as only items in a can or box!!
Click HERE To see this yummy recipe from Our Best Bites! 

How are your car kits coming along?  Have you thought of how you would stay warm?  I made a #10 can heater to keep in my car.  It is VERY easy to put together and requires just some household ingredients.  CLICK HERE to see the instructions from Food Storage Made Easy!! Just a note, they use a hot cocoa can in the picture and that won't work for a heater as the can in not made out of metal.  You need a metal can like a #10 can.  For a more advanced heater check out their post HERE.  

Did you put away a few extra dollars this week?  Keep your money in your 72-hour kits or another safe place.  Have your money in small bills only.  You don't want to have to pay for something with a $20 because you don't have a smaller bill, assume you won't be able to get change. 

Click HERE to view the complete list of goals for January.  You can get most of them accomplished by shopping at the case lot sales!! Grains, water, and 3-month supply items are all on sale!!!

Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Live Your Best Self-Reliant Life in 2011!!

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Live Your Best Self-Reliant Life in 2011!!!

This is our goal for 2011, to live our lives without having to rely on others.  Every month we will have goals to help us get closer to becoming self-reliant!  "When we accept the responsibility for our own and our family's well-being, we are better able to sustain ourselves in our everyday lives.  We are better prepared to endure times of adversity without becoming dependent upon others." (Providing In The Lord's Way p. 5) 

When we become self-reliant it enables us to help others!!  I know that food storage and emergency preparedness can seem daunting and overwhelming, but "we can not be self-reliant without being willing to work.  Work is physical, mental, or spiritual effort.  The Lord has commanded us to work (see Genesis 3:17-19), for work is the source of happiness, self-esteem, and prosperity"

I challenge all of you to commit to the goals we have set for 2011 and provide your family with a feeling of peace.  Knowing that you have provided a way for your family to be prepared will ease your mind and allow you to help others.

3-Month Goals:  
Have you inventoried your pantry to see what grains you need to purchase? There are many types of grains to choose from!!
  • Wheat 25lbs $7.65 at the LDS Cannery
  • Store your wheat in 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Lids.  Gamma Lids are on sale in January for $5.99 ea at Emergency Essentials (33rd S. West Temple)
  • Pasta is on sale at Harmons during the case lot sale!
  • Flour is also on sale at Harmons for $3.00 for 10lbs!
  • Check out all the grocery deals HERE!!
  • Get 24 packs of Kroger water for $2.50 during the case lot sale!
  • One 24 pack of water=3 gallons (1 gallon per person per day for storage)
Financial Goals  
  • Have you saved a few dollars this week?  
  • You can save for a rainy day or save to buy food storage.  
Emergency Preparedness Goal:   
  • Do you have water in your car?
  • What about food?  Granola bars are a great food item to store in your car.  
  • Make sure to have blankets and gloves in your car kits!!
Click HERE to view the January goals.

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011!!

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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2011!!  A new year means time to organize, set goals, get healthy, and get prepared!!!

This year we will have long-term food storage goals along with emergency preparedness goals, water storage goals, 3-month supply goals, and financial reserve goals.  I am following the plan from the First Presidency (LDS church leaders) and the information from the Family Home Storage pamphlet. {click HERE to read the pamphlet}

We will have goals in all five areas each month!  Don't get scared :)  They are relatively easy and only take some effort on your part to accomplish them each month.  I will list the long-term goals on the side of the blog for reference. All the other goals will come out in the monthly newsletter at church and the first Saturday of every month on the blog.

Gather a 3-Month Supply
  • Build a small supply of food and supplies that are part of your everyday, normal diet!
  • Our goal for January is to buy extra items (you decide if you buy 1 or more) EVERY TIME you run to the store!
  • Watch for sales on soups, vitamins and health food.
  • Stock up when items are on SALE!!
Store Water 
  •  Store 14 gallons of water per person.
  • This is an approximate 2 week supply. I would recommend you store as much as you can.
  • The goal for January is to store at least 1 gallon per person every week of the month.
Financial Reserve 
  • Establish a financial reserve by saving a little money each week and gradually increasing it to a reasonable amount.
  • Read the advice from the Church HERE.
  • The goal for January is to set aside a few dollars each week in the month.
Emergency Preparedness
  • Although this category is not listed on the Home Storage pamphlet, it is really important and we will have a goal each month.
  • The goal for January is to have a fully stocked car kit in every vehicle you own.  
  • Include blankets, water, food, flashlights, folding shovel, candle, matches, gloves, hats, boots (for those who wear work shoes), toilet paper, extra cash, baby items, etc! Customize it to your family's needs.

Not to add more to this months goals, but I would recommend having a family night and establishing your family plan.  Click HERE to see a wonderful outline on what to have in your family plan.

I know the importance of preparing and we will all be blessed when we follow the Lord's commandments!  This will be a year full of learning and preparing! 

Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!
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