Saturday, January 29, 2011

How was your January???

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It's the last week of January and you have a few days left to finish your January goals.  Did you purchase extra cans of food or add to your grains storage this month?  How are your car kits coming along?  In my family the granola bars and water in our car kits get used quite often. When I am dropping kids off at a school event and they forgot their water and snack, they know they just have to open the back of the car and grab what they need.  My kids also love to use the fleece blankets before the car gets warmed up.  So even just little things like that shows me that having a few items on hand in your vehicle can make life easier.

Most importantly did your family have a FHE night and make a Family Plan??
If not click HERE to view what you should know as a family to be prepared. 

I know that I may be a little obsessed with food storage, but I have found that if it is always on my mind, even in the back of my mind, I find deals and opportunities that I would have missed if my focus was elsewhere.  To Live Our Best Self-Reliant Lives in 2011 I would encourage you all to keep preparedness on your mind as you live your daily lives.   Keep a running list handy of things that you are looking for and it will surprise you when they go on sale and you find it is just what you were looking for.  I promise you if you do this you will have a sense of peace in your life!!  Knowing you can sustain your family in an emergency is one blessing, but also you will become self-reliant and you will be able to help others!!!

Click HERE to view the complete list of goals for January.  Grains, water, and 3-month supply items are all on sale!!!

Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the blessings!

Feel the peace!

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