Saturday, January 8, 2011

Live Your Best Self-Reliant Life in 2011!!

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Live Your Best Self-Reliant Life in 2011!!!

This is our goal for 2011, to live our lives without having to rely on others.  Every month we will have goals to help us get closer to becoming self-reliant!  "When we accept the responsibility for our own and our family's well-being, we are better able to sustain ourselves in our everyday lives.  We are better prepared to endure times of adversity without becoming dependent upon others." (Providing In The Lord's Way p. 5) 

When we become self-reliant it enables us to help others!!  I know that food storage and emergency preparedness can seem daunting and overwhelming, but "we can not be self-reliant without being willing to work.  Work is physical, mental, or spiritual effort.  The Lord has commanded us to work (see Genesis 3:17-19), for work is the source of happiness, self-esteem, and prosperity"

I challenge all of you to commit to the goals we have set for 2011 and provide your family with a feeling of peace.  Knowing that you have provided a way for your family to be prepared will ease your mind and allow you to help others.

3-Month Goals:  
Have you inventoried your pantry to see what grains you need to purchase? There are many types of grains to choose from!!
  • Wheat 25lbs $7.65 at the LDS Cannery
  • Store your wheat in 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Lids.  Gamma Lids are on sale in January for $5.99 ea at Emergency Essentials (33rd S. West Temple)
  • Pasta is on sale at Harmons during the case lot sale!
  • Flour is also on sale at Harmons for $3.00 for 10lbs!
  • Check out all the grocery deals HERE!!
  • Get 24 packs of Kroger water for $2.50 during the case lot sale!
  • One 24 pack of water=3 gallons (1 gallon per person per day for storage)
Financial Goals  
  • Have you saved a few dollars this week?  
  • You can save for a rainy day or save to buy food storage.  
Emergency Preparedness Goal:   
  • Do you have water in your car?
  • What about food?  Granola bars are a great food item to store in your car.  
  • Make sure to have blankets and gloves in your car kits!!
Click HERE to view the January goals.

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

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