Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I Am Buying

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I had a friend this week ask me where I buy some of my food storage. I realized that I haven't done a post of what I buy and where I buy it from. Most items can be purchased at the grocery store, but to get the best price when you are buying in bulk there are better deals out there. I will go through the items that I use for my family so this is not a comprehensive list by all means. It just helps to know what my bottom line price is and what I will and won't pay for certain items. Buying items at their cheapest price point allows you to save a LOT of $$$.

If you would like to read a wonderful price comparison list click HERE .
The list was put together in April during the case lot sales, and compares the case lot prices to Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, & the LDS Cannery by I actually printed it out and keep it in my purse so I am prepared at the store if I find an item on clearance and I know whether or not it is a stock up price. FYI: case lot sales are in April and September for Smiths and Macey's grocery stores.

Here's What I Am Buying: Prices are from May 2011 (add about 10% for 2013 prices)

Frozen Items
  • I buy frozen veggies at the grocery store and I wait until they are .88 or less for 16oz.
  • I buy Kroger frozen chicken in bags and I wait for it to go on sale for $6.96 or less.
Meat- I have to add a disclaimer here. I don't eat meat and my family really only eats chicken. I buy ground beef TVP, aka "fake" meat at Honeyville grain in 25lb bags.
  • Tuna- .50 or less at the grocery store during case lot sales. Fresh Market & Macey's is where I purchase it.
  • Canned chicken is the best price at Costco. You get 6 12.5oz cans for $9.99 (bottle your own chicken and buy chicken in bulk on sale to save the most money)
  • The best way to get meat for cheap is to wait for a sale and buy enough for 3 months and freeze it well.
  • Canned beans are cheapest at Smiths during the case lot sales. .50 a can
  • Dry beans are cheapest at the cannery. Black beans 25lbs $14.50, white navy beans 25lb bag $14.10, pinto beans #10 can $4.65
  • Pinto beans are cheapest at Costco 25lb bag $13.99
  • I always get pasta during the case lot sales 8 48oz bags for $14.55
  • I also found great sales at Smiths this year and got 1lb bags for .29-.49 and with coupons I got 25 boxes of spaghetti for free (it is really worth it to coupon)
  • Mac'n Cheese is also cheapest at the case lot sales. WF mac'n cheese. 24 boxes for $6.00 at Macey's, If you have to have the Kraft brand it is cheapest at Walmart.
  • Ramen noodles I buy at the Smiths case lot sale. 12ct for $3.00
  • Kroger broth at the case lot sale. 24ct for $11.99.
  • Chicken Noodle soup, WF at Maceys 24ct for $11.28
  • Kroger Tomato soup at Smiths case lot sale 24ct for $10.68
  • Creamed soups I bought at Macey's. 24ct for $11.76
  • Progresso soups I buy in the winter during sales at Smiths and Walgreens
  • Canned tomatoes from Smiths case lot sale. 24ct for $11.99
  • Kroger tomato sauce 8oz cans from case lot sale. 24ct for $5.99
  • Kroger tomato paste from case lot sale. 24ct for $7.99
  • Hunt's pasta sauce from case lot sales and other sales during the year. I don't pay more than .75 a can.
  • Canned veggies from Macey's case lot sale. 24ct for $10.56
  • Dehydrated carrots from LDS cannery. #10 can for $7.10
  • Canned mushrooms from Winco .45 ea and Walmart for .46
  • WF diced green chilies from Macey's case lot sale. 24 for $12.00 (these go on sale all year for .50, don't pay more than that)
  • Dehydrated onions from LDS cannery. #10 can $6.00 (I rarely buy real onions, I use these in all my cooking)
  • Potato flakes from LDS cannery. #10 can $2.85 (shelf life of 30+ years)
  • Raisins are cheapest at Macey's during the case lot sale and at Sam's Club for 32oz for $3.49ea. Costco's bag is only one penny more at $3.50 for 32oz.
  • Dehydrated apple slices from LDS cannery. #10 can for $4.90
  • Applesauce from Costco in #10 cans are $3.xx. I can't remember the actually price, but it is natural applesauce with no sugar and it is great for substituting for oil in baking.
  • Kroger mandarin oranges from case lot sale. 24ct for $7.99
  • WF canned pineapple is cheapest during the Macey's case lot sale, but I have found Dole pineapple for under .70 with coupons during the year.
  • I buy canned pears from the case lot sales and it is always a little different between Smiths and Macey's, but I don't pay more than .68 a can.
  • Sugar is cheapest during Nov. and Dec. I stock up when there are sales. I don't like to spend more than $12 on a 25lb bag.
  • Powdered sugar and brown sugar are cheapest during the holiday's as well. Don't pay more than a $1.00 for a 2lb bag.
  • Honey can be found at Costco all the time for 6lbs for $11.99. Macey's also has really great prices during the case lot sales. 6 5lb containers for $59.88
  • I buy rice from Costco in 50lb bags for around $15.00. The price goes up and down all the time. You just have to watch it. Sams Club has 50lbs for about the same price. The cannery has 25lb boxes for $8.45 and are really easy to store.
  • Oats I buy at the cannery. 25lbs for $7.60. Winco also has oats in their bulk area for .58lb!
  • Flour is cheapest during the holiday's but there are also great sales during the year. I like to wait until I can get 5lb for $1.50 with coupons.
  • Hard White Wheat is a great deal at Macey's case lot sale. 45lb bucket with lid sealed for $11.99. LDS cannery 25lb bag for $5.80.
  • Powdered milk from the cannery. #10 cans for $7.05. I bake with it a lot and make yogurt from it. Mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese can also be made from powdered milk. You will need it whether you like to drink it or not. It also has a shelf life of 25-30 years.
  • Morning Moos dried milk alternative. I bought a 50lb bucket a Costco last year for around $60.00, now the best price is a 37lb bucket at Costco for $39.97. #10 cans for $10.99 can be found at Macey's during the case lot sale.
  • Evaporated milk at Smiths case lot sale. 24ct for $15.60
  • Cheese- don't pay more than $1.50 for a pound of cheese. It goes on sale ALL the time and is good for a LONG time. Look at the expiration dates on it when you buy it. Tillamook goes on sale at Winco for $3.98 for 2lbs all the time, and it lasts for months.
  • Dried eggs-I cook with these now instead of real eggs. I only use real eggs for boiled eggs. Canned eggs are best at the Macey's case lot sale, #10 can for $14.00. I found some at Honeville Grain for $12.00 last month, so keep a look out for sales. Don't pay more than .99 for a dozen of eggs. Costco has great deals and so do the grocery stores.
Baking Items
  • Salt is cheapest at Walmart. 26oz for .38
  • Yeast- I use instant yeast and wait until it is $2.99lb. Emergency Essentials had it in May on sale. I stocked up. Yeast keeps indefinitely in the freezer. Costco and Sam's Club have great prices on yeast.
  • Lemon juice, vanilla I get at Maceys during the case lot sales.
  • Cake mixes and brownie mixes from case lot sales at Macey's and also during the holidays. .78 is an awesome price for mixes. With coupons I have gotten them for .50 and less.
  • Baking cocoa is the best at Costco. 23oz for $5.59. It also has an indefinite shelf life.
  • Spices are cheapest at Winco in their bulk area. You can fill a whole spice container for mere pennies. I filled my chive container for .11, it really is an awesome store!!
Oils and Fats
  • Kroger oil was $2.00 for 48oz at the last case lot sale, but they had a sale in April and I got them for $1.48 so watch. (This is why it is great to have the price list printed out and with you)
  • Cooking spray-Pam goes on sale, but Walmart has it all the time for $1.58 for 8oz.
  • Peanut butter is cheapest at Smiths during the case lot sales. 18oz for $1.00 and it is the Kroger brand or Skippy.
  • Olives are cheapest during Thanksgiving time for .88. Case lots and random sales during the year also have that price. I found some at Reams today (5/29) for .88.
  • Ketchup is cheapest during Memorial day and Fourth of July sales. Try not to spend more than .80 for 24oz. Case lot sales have them as well.
  • Mustard is cheapest during summer holiday's as well. Under $1.00 for 32oz is a great price.
  • Salad dressing goes on sale all the time. It doesn't have a long shelf life so watch the dates if you are stocking up. With coupons you can get it free a lot of the times too.
  • 24 packs of water for $2.50 or less is a great deal. It goes on sale all year long, just watch for the price.Costco has a 35ct of water for $3.45 if you don't want to wait for a sale.
  • 5 gallon buckets with lids- $3.99 at Macey's during the case lot sales
  • 5 gallon Gamma lids (these are amazing) Don't pay more than $5.99 for these. Macey's and Honeyville have these on sale during the case lot seasons.
  • 55 water drum- don't pay more than $39.99 for these. During conference these go on sale at Emergency Essentials and Macey's has them at the case lot sales.
  • Paper towel and toilet paper I buy at Macey's during the case lot sales. It was $3.98 for 12 double rolls of TP and 8 big rolls of paper towel. I buy enough for 6 months which is the time until the next case lot sale.
  • Laundry det. goes on sale all the time. I wait for sales with coupons so your best bet would be to watch for sales and learn what the bottom line price is for the brand you use.
  • Dishwasher detergent I also get for free with coupons but watch for sales for what brand you like to use.
Ideas to get the best price:
  1. You can't be brand specific, a lot of store brands are made in the same facilities as name brand.
  2. Know what you use. Buying 50 cans of stew because it is cheap and finding out no one likes it, saves you no money.
  3. Know what price you are willing to wait for and pay for.
  4. Be patient and know that food goes on sale about every 3 months. You will catch the good deal the next time around.
  5. Watch the blog on Wednesday's for the weekly grocery sales. Knowing what is a good price will help in saving you a lot of money.


Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!


  1. Have you thought of maybe updating this information for those of us who have just found you and your blog????
    It could be helpful if maybe you put the new price in another color and left the old one to show a comparison of what can happen to food prices even over a short period of time.
    Thanks for considering

    1. That is a great idea. I have forgotten many posts I have written over the years. I will take your idea into consideration.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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