Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance

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Many thoughts have gone through my mind as I hear and see more images and information from Japan.  The thought that has stuck with me is the need to become self-reliant.  Self-reliance is a prerequisite to service.  "Without self-reliance one cannot exercise these innate desires to serve.  How can we give if there is nothing there?  Food for the hungry cannot come from empty shelves.  Money to assist the needy cannot come from an empty purse.  Support and understanding cannot come from the emotionally starved."  President Marion G. Romney Ensign March 2009

There are so many in Japan that are in need of assistance, but there are also many others that weren't affected and are hopefully in a position to be of service. 

Many people see preparing as hoarding or unnecessary, but I see it as a way to be of service to others.  When I was first called as the Emergency Preparedness contact I felt as if I were doing what I was suppose to do, and there was no way I would take food from my own family to help others who weren't prepared.  I have changed my feelings on this!  I know if an opportunity to serve came my way I would help those around me in time of need.  And being self-reliant would mean more than just having food storage. There are several areas we are taught to become self-reliant in:

"We are all self-reliant in some areas and dependent in others.  Therefore, each of us should strive to help others in areas that we have strengths."  Marion G. Romney
(To read the entire talk by President Romney click HERE)


3-Month Supply Goal:  Make 1 meal per week that uses only food from your pantry and food storage.

Water Goal: This month you need to fill all your used juice and detergent bottles with water.  Label them and store them for cleaning water.

Financial Goal:  Last month we wrote down everything we spent for a week.  Now that you know where you could be saving money, you need to put that money away to use towards your food storage.  Next month is case lot sale month and you could save your money for that sale!!

Long-Term Storage Goal:  This month is frozen food month and we are going to focus on MEATS & FROZEN FOOD!  Your freezer is your friend when it comes to a 3-month supply.  Most meats and vegetables can be frozen to extend the life of the food.  Use your freezer as an extension of your pantry


Wavelength Emergency Radio/Cell phone charger/flashlight
Emergency Preparedness Goal:  This month you need to add a radio and a crank cell phone charger to your storage.  Both are inexpensive (radios can be as expensive as you want) and can be found online and in many stores.  Make sure the cell phone charger you purchase has a plug that fits your phone.  Emergency Essentials sells a radio/charger/flashlight combo for $12.95!!  Click HERE to see that product.

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!

Feel the Peace!! 

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