Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Goals

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This post is really late!  My youngest sister got married today and we had a day full of family and fun!  I am exhausted though, being part of a wedding makes me so tired.  But even though I am tired the storage goals must go on.  September is here and it is my most favorite month of all for food storage!!  It is National Preparedness Month AND Smiths is having their semi-annual case lot sale!!!  Woohoo, it's like Christmas in September for me!

3-Month Supply/Financial Goal/Long-Term Supply goals are:

The goals for this month are pretty simple.  (I hope)  You need to inventory your pantry or storage room and see what you need!  Use the case lot sales to add to your storage while also saving money.  I always feel so at peace after unloading all my cases to my storage room.  It gives me a feeling of being prepared and ready for anything {have I told you what a food storage nerd I am}.  So make a list, check it twice and head to Smith's starting on Sept. 7th.  The sale lasts for 2 weeks or until supplies last.   

Our emergency preparedness goal is to can and dehydrate.  Canning is making a comeback and so many people are learning how to bottle their own food.  If you already do this you are one step ahead, keep going and don't let anything go to waste!!  If not, google search canning or check out some books from the library.  My favorite thing to pressure can is chicken.  I feel so much peace knowing my protein source for my family is tucked away in my storage room and not in my freezer!  Check out a post HERE  on canning or HERE to see a video on canning chicken.  I also love to water bath can maple syrup!

Dehydrating your garden produce is another great way to have fruits and veggies in your long-term storage.  I have talked about the Food Saver before, but I just love this little machine.  I can fit a ton of dehydrated food into a mason jar and seal it with my Food Saver and it will last for years!! An amazing website dedicated to all things dehydrated is  and it is FULL of amazing videos to go along with all of the useful information!!

I hope you get as excited as I do about saving money and stocking up during the case lot sales!!  If not, call me, we'll go shopping together!!  It should be fun to be prepared!!

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