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Self Reliance Expo 2011

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Last year I attended the Self Reliance Expo and learned so many new and exciting things, so this year I was really excited to go.  This years expo was a little different than last year in that there weren't as many cookbook/preparedness authors, and it was more about having shelter, water storage and  the new craze;  freeze-dried food in a bucket companies.  I did learn a few new things and found some fun new products, and I of course took my camera so I could share it all with you!

Self Reliance Expo-October 7-8th South Towne Expo Center
 One of the first vendors that I saw as I entered the expo was, of course, Honeville Grain.  They had their Sun Ovens, freeze-dried samples, butane stove, holiday baskets, and smiles for everyone! I just love Honeyville and all of the opportunities they have for learning and expanding your knowledge of preparedness.  Visit them at for more info on products and classes.
Honeyville Grain with manager Lisa and new co-worker Karen
If you are looking for a great, small, lightweight way to cook in an emergency, the Emberlit Stove may be for you.  It would be perfect to put in your 72-hour kits because of how compact it is, only 1/8" wide when folded!!  You can use a couple of twigs, or sticks (no fuel to lug around in your 72-hour kits) to start a fire and boil a meal for your family.  Check out for more information.
Emberlit camp stove
Creating a 72-hour kit can seem like a very daunting task.  Did you know that we should have more like a 5 day kit?!  Tami of Preparedness Products has come up with the easiest way to create a 5-day kit.  She has prepackaged items into storage bags with handles and you order what your family will need, and they neatly stack into a backpack.  Genius!!  She has water kits, 5 day food kits, tool kits, personal hygiene kits (male and female), and an essentials kit. What is so great is that they are compact, only about 8"x10" and all the items are so easy to find.  Look at her website for all the information, she just launched this line so it will be on the website soon.... 5 day kit packs
5 Day Food Kit
5 Day Essentials Kit
 Have you ever thought about where you would hide out in case of a nuclear attack or even to ride out a storm?  Well, the Smart Product Technology company did.  They have designed a hatch that you build under your garage and will house 5 people, has electricity, and an air system. You could use it as a panic room, ammo storage, or food storage.  I have never seen anything like this, but it could come in handy.  Check out  for more information.
Smart Product Technology hatch
 My favorite product from the expo has to be the UV Paqlite!!  It is a reusable glow stick that recharges from any light source and it will last forever.  It charges in just a few minutes and you can even use a flashlight, car light, light bulb, sunlight, etc to charge. Once it is fully charged it will last all night long and even for several days.  I bought several of these for our 72-hour kits, and to have on hand in case of a black out.  My kids have been playing with them since I got home, they were a total hit with them.  They would also make such a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer.  Click here to visit their website
UV Paqlite sticks
Emergency preparedness doesn't get easier than buying a trailer from Fast Units.  They have EVERYTHING you would need to camp, bug out, or evacuate in an emergency, all in a small trailer.  When I say everything, I mean everything you would need.  They have tents, toilet, coolers, tables, chairs, cots, towels, water containers, food, emergency supplies, heat, etc, to sustain a family of four for 3-5 days.  It was really amazing to see this in person.  Check out their website to learn more...
Fast Units trailer
Fast Units tent and bathroom/shower
Fast Units food/water supply tent
If you backpack, hike, or camp this next product would probably come in handy.  It is a rain poncho but so much more.  You can use it as a hammock and as a tarp for shelter.   Your Boy Scout could probably use this as well.  It was large and very well made.  Click HERE to visit their website.  
Wilderness Innovation poncho/tarp/hammock
And finally, Christmas came early for me this year.  My parents were planning on getting my family a Volcano stove this year and I found such a screaming deal at the expo and I got to go home with one.  I can't wait to try out the many ways to cook on it.  You can grill, dutch oven, wok, BBQ, pan fry, boil, skewer, bake, roast, deep fry, stir fry, broil and steam, PLUS you can use wood, charcoal, or propane as fuel.  I am excited to use my canner on it because I have a glass top stove and canning is not recommended on a glass top stove.  If you stored 15 20lb bags of charcoal, you could cook one meal a day for your family.  I'll keep you posted when I use it!  Their website will have all the information...
Volcano 2  Collapsible Stove
All in all it was a great day and I learned quite a bit.  It is so fun for me to learn about preparedness and an event like this was exciting.  I hope you found something that intrigued you and will help you in your preparedness journey!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
Feel the PEACE!!

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