Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frugal Food Tip- Leftover Reincarnation

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Don't waste money by throwing away your food!!
Last week I talked about using all of your produce so it doesn't go to waste. This week is all about using your leftovers in a new way. Honestly I am really not a fan of leftovers.  They just seem to lose that fresh, just-prepared look and taste, but if you use them in a new dish they won't feel like leftovers!
Leftovers--Made Over (some ideas from

RICE:  Warm rice with cinnamon, brown sugar, milk and raisins for a delicious breakfast or make into rice pudding.  Adding a little rice to soups/stews will add texture and volume to extend your soup farther. Fried rice is always a favorite in my house. 

JARRED PASTA SAUCE:  When only a few spoonfuls are left heat up and use as a dipping sauce for grilled cheese.

NOODLES:  Toss extra noodles (even with sauce) into a frittata.

GROUND MEAT:  Saute with onions and garlic, add it to jarred tomato sauce and try as a pizza topping.  Or wrap well, label and freeze.  When you've saved up to 1lb make meatballs or meat loaf.  

POTATOES:  Stir mashed potatoes into soup to add body; chop boiled or roasted spuds and saute for a breakfast hash.  Make potato pancakes and fry in a little oil for a yummy side dish.  

VEGETABLES:  Use the extra veggies and turn into leftover soup.  Keep leftover veggies in the freezer until you have enough for a meal. A pot pie is another easy dinner that will use up extra veggies. I keep my veggies in the freezer and then dehydrate them and seal them in a mason jar to save for another meal.

MEATS:  Soups, stews, sandwiches, omelets, casseroles, stir fry, enchiladas, toss into spaghetti sauce, tacos, lasagna, etc.

BREAD:  Store ends in the freezer to use as bread crumbs.  Croutons, toast, and french toast will use up those last few dry bread slices too.

Think outside of the box to save time and money.  Take advantage of leftovers and stop tossing away your food...and money!!

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