Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hand Crank Bosch Handle

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Preparedness hasn't always been a priority in my life, imagine that, but it has always had a small part.  When I started making food storage a bigger part of my family's life I started making whole wheat bread, and it was my first obstacle.  I call it an obstacle because I didn't have a grinder, or a Bosch to knead the bread, and I was doing it all by hand.  I literally tried and tried different recipes for 2 years before I was consistently making edible bread.  In that two years I received a Bosch mixer as a Christmas present and it changed my life!!  I was able to make my bread quicker and easier than kneading by hand.  Having preparedness in the back of my mind I kept thinking, I love my new Bosch mixer, but if the electricity ever went out I would be back to hand kneading my bread.  I went on Google and searched for a manual mixer to use in an emergency situation, and I eventually found a company that sold an attachment for a Bosch mixer that would allow you to knead or mix without power.  I was beyond excited!  (again doesn't take much)

The store that I purchased my handle from no longer sells them but you can see the handle HERE. They run about $20 but I think that is a very reasonable price to turn an electric appliance into a manual one.  

From the instructions that came with the handle:  
"The hand crank is for use with the plastic bowl or new stainless steel bowl of the Universal or Universal Plus and allows you to easily finish kneading your dough in the event of a power failure.  With the bowl on the motor base, the transmission and motor would normally be engaged.  To avoid the drag of trying to turn the motor while kneading, a spacer is provided to lift the dough hook up above the cross-pin on the drive shaft, allowing the shaft to spin freely.  The Bosch dough hook still kneads very effectively, even when raised up this much (about 1/2")"

This would make a great gift for anyone with a Bosch..Mother's day is coming up..hint..hint. But seriously I love little gadgets like this and it's fun to find them and find that they work!  (this is the bread recipe that I make)


  1. Wow! Awesome! I just got a Bosch and was happy to come across this blog post, as I was thinking how sad it will be to not be able to use it without electricity, so now it comes out as a win win! Thank you!

    1. I find it interesting that there isn't more info about this. Even in the emergency prep circles, not many people know of this handle. I'm glad you were able to find it and found it useful!! :)

  2. Help..I want one of these hand cranks for my Bosch..I just don't know where to go ..could someone share with me where I can purchase one? My email is put on subject..Bosch mixer crank..Thank you so much.

    1. If you click on the link in the post it will take you to a site that sells the crank handle. I hope that helps.


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