Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Doom and Bloom Handbook- Review

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I feel an important part of any food storage are books of all kinds, but especially books on first aid.  You can have all your information stored on you computer, but if there was no power you will need a hard copy of your stored information.  I have been trying to slowly add books to my storage and I was really excited to purchase this book, but.....

The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook was highly rated on Amazon so I decided to add it to my preparedness library.  I was expecting a book on how to administer medicine, first aid, and other treatments so I could have all that information in one book.  But it really was a reference book on what you could come across in an emergency if you were the only medic available.  It gave descriptions on different things you may come across in a societal collapse like snake bites, sanitation issues, all types of infections, high blood pressure, etc., but not how to treat many of them.  I guess I was looking for more of a medicine how-to book than just an encyclopedia of different medical terms.  And for the price of around $30 I was really hoping for more.  On a positive note, Dr. Alton does go into herbal medicine and essential oils a little bit and I do agree that we need to have those in our storage.

This is a review from someone on Amazon that bought the book and it summed up how I felt about it too.....

"I just did the first read through on D&B and it is a good book. There is a great deal of information on herbal pharmacology and the effective use of antibiotics and wound treatment. Where it looses points is on the constant references to other books and youtube videos. I think this book could have been more stand alone given the obvious skill and knowledge of the authors. I would have liked to have seen more on long term care and the austere nature of techniques we would end up using in a post collapse situation. I also think the book could have done without the add for their trauma kit they sell. So while it is a wonderful supplement to whats out there it is not a one stop shop. so 3.5 star"

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