Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The All American Sun Oven Newsletter- June Edition

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The Global Sun Oven company sends out a free newsletter once a month entitled, Every Needful Thing.  It is full of emergency prep information along with Sun Oven tips and tricks, and of course, Sun Oven recipes.  In the June newsletter I found this tip too good to not share.  

 Use your Sun Oven as a wonderbox cooker!!!!

From the June issue of Every Needful Thing....
Use Your Sun Oven® as a Food Wonder Box
Sometimes the best laid plans, like cooking in your Sun Oven®, get messed up. We
were all set to bake pork chops in our Sun Oven®. The oven had been preheated to
250 degrees on a partly sunny day. Previously skillet browned chops, placed in a
graniteware pan over sliced, raw sweet potatoes, were on their way to the oven when
we noticed that our partly sunny day had become a much less sunny day. We put the
chops in the Sun Oven®, left it for about an hour, checking from time to time. The
weather deteriorated, so we closed the oven reflector and took it inside, leaving it
closed until dinner time. When opened, the potatoes were soft and the chops were
“melt in your-mouth” tender. What a concept-use your SunOven® as a wonder box.
A Wonder Box is a heat retention cooker. Once you heat your food to boiling,
place it in the insulated cooker. It will keep your food at cooking temperature for
hours. This can be done with gas cookers outside as well as starting food on your
stovetop. The other night, we prepared old fashioned oatmeal and cracked barley in
coconut milk for breakfast, just bringing it to a boil. Into the Sun Oven® it went.
Next morning all we had to do was add some warm milk, stir and eat.

I thought this was a great idea for all those cloudy days.  I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I set out my Sun Oven, the clouds roll in.  Now I have a back up plan if this happens again!!  For all other questions and for a great collection of Sun Oven recipes check out their website HERE!


  1. I am really wanting a sun oven. Corn on the cob.... Who knew.
    Love your blog. Learn so much.

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! The corn on the cob was kind of funny the first time I made it. I didn't know you were suppose to soak the stalks first and I just put them all in the Sun Oven to cook. They were very tasty and everyone loved them. I then read that the corn was supposed to be soaked first and so I tried that the next time I cooked them. The results, not so good. No one really cared for the corn that had been soaked. I came to the conclusion that the dry corn was cooked kind of like on a grill, dry heat. So I do it that way now. But the Sun Oven was a really good investment and I use it all the time. The new All American Sun Oven is even better because it holds bigger pans, like a 13x9 size. One day I'll upgrade but I love mine!!!


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