Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back-To-Basics Money Part 2: Frugal Food Storage

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Stocking up on life's essentials, plus food storage, can cost quite a bit. Being frugal is something I take pride in (my email is and it's also how I am able to feed a family of 7 and still stock up on food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. For the most part I watch grocery sales and ONLY buy things on sale.  We don't eat out very often and hardly ever go to a movie, but we do rent movies and have cookouts in the backyard for family fun.  It's all about priorities and realizing that even if you miss the latest movie, life goes on, and most likely that movie you missed will be online or tv later.

I have written a few posts on frugal food storage because I feel no one should go into debt to acquire food storage.  Here are some of the ways that I save money while still stocking up.
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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses............
One of the excuses that people have for not having their food storage is that they can't afford it. I am here to tell you that you CAN afford it.

  • Eat out less
  • Take advantage of sales
  • No impulse buying
  • Cook from scratch (anything a manufacturer can make, so can you)
  • Plan menus!!
  • Entertainment: stay home, use the library, buy second hand
  • Keep your car longer
  • Have a money jar for spare change (cash in the change and use for your 72-hour kit or to buy food storage items)
  • Be Thankful: if you are constantly thinking of things you have to have you won't appreciate what you are blessed with.
Most of us DO have money we could channel into food storage but without focus it is all too easy for the money to slip through our fingers. Keep this in mind: (all the cans are #10 cans size)
  • magazine subscriptions for a year can be around $40=1 year supply of canned spaghetti
  • Wii games are $49.99=6 cans of sugar, 6 cans of pinto beans & 3 cans of oats
  • Movie tickets for 1 child and 1 adult (no snacks) $17.50= 6 cans of potato flakes
  • DVD's cost $19.99=7 cans of white rice
  • E-books cost $14.99 (average)=8 cans Hard Red Wheat
  • Red Lobster dinner for 2 $50= 9 cans of apple slices
  • New hardcover books $17-$25= 6 cans macaroni
Just keep in mind where the money spent is going and think of some alternative ways to find the items that you feel you have to have. Renting dvd's and borrowing movies and cd's from the library are some options. If you make your food storage a priority you will find ways to finance it. I love this quote:

 "The money slips through our fingers as we munch our way through life's countless Burger-McWendy's or avert our attention from the fact that PayPal really isn't always our pal". 

All we have to do is to decide, commit to it, and then keep that commitment. Blessings and miracles will happen!

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