Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valley Food Storage-- A Review

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When someone offers me free food I will most likely take them up on the offer.  Valley Food Storage contacted me and asked if I would try out one of their products and then review it.  This will be an honest review of what my family and I thought of this product.  I was only compensated in receiving the free product, I do not sell this product.  

Valley Food Storage prides themselves on having quality food storage, where you can pronounce every ingredient, and it lasts up to 25 years on the shelf.  From their website:

  • You can pronounce all of the ingredients
  • No hydrogenated oils or distasteful preservatives
  • Up to 25 year shelf life
  • Small, local company
  • Inexpensive! Yep, take a look at the price per serving and compare!
  • Durable, resealable packages
  • Nitrogen flushed
  • Seriously good taste!

I couldn't wait to try out the White Bean and Lime Chili that they sent me to sample.  The first thing that I noticed was that the mylar bag of soup was resealable.  The bag contains 5 servings and if you were single, or had a smaller family, you could easily make half of the soup and reseal it for another time.  Loved this!!  The bag was also a heavy duty mylar and felt like it would stand up to being tossed around in a backpack.  

The instructions for the White Bean and Lime Chili could not be easier to follow.  Boil 5 1/2 cups of water and add the contents of the bag.

Whisk the chili and let simmer for 15-20  minutes and then enjoy!  The directions say to let it sit 5-7 minutes to thicken, but our chili was thick when it was done cooking and we just dug in!

This chili smelled delicious right out of the bag, but it tasted even better!  I haven't had a freeze-dried soup ever taste this good!  I have five children four of them ate their whole bowl, and my picky eater refused to try it.  All four of my kids that ate it, LOVED it!  Even my son, who is pretty picky, ate his whole bowl! My husband is pretty picky too when it comes to Mexican food, but he really liked the flavor of this chili.  I have to say that if all of Valley Food Storage food tastes this good, I am rethinking the food in my 72-hour kits!  

I love that it is real food, with real flavor, and that my family really enjoyed it!  The 5-serving bag that I tried retails for $11.95 on the valleyfoodstorage.com website.  You can purchase their pre-made food storage programs, or customize your food storage order to your family's taste. They have breakfasts, sides, and entrees available.  They also sell 72-hour kits, Berkey water filters, and longer-term food in buckets. With the option to buy the food preselected or you can customize the food for your taste. 

Valley Food Storage's motto is "Store food you'll love to eat", I was very impressed with the quality of this food and I loved the flavor of the White Bean and Lime Chili.  I want to mention that it is a vegetarian chili and you could easily add meat, freeze-dried or canned, to bulk up the chili, and maybe add some freeze-dried cheese too.  But I am a vegetarian and it satisfied me, my husband, and four of my kids. My picky eater will either starve or learn to love new foods ;) This is definitely food storage that I will love to eat!



  1. Hi, Your link to the Valley Food Storage site in paragraph 1 is going to valleystorage.com. I think it should be valleyfoodstorage.com

    1. Thank you so much for noticing that! I fixed the link.


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