Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Backyard Chickens--A New Adventure!!

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We did it!  We've wanted chickens for a long time and we finally got it to all work out.  It's self reliance and fun all rolled into one exciting adventure. I am not what you would call an animal person and I didn't think I would really enjoy the chickens as much as I have. 

But they have such fun personalities and are so entertaining to watch. We have 6 hens that are about 1 years old and lay eggs, and 2 younger ladies that are only about 4 months old and will hopefully start laying in September.  

My husband said we shouldn't name them but I couldn't help it, they are too cute.  My children each picked a hen and named her and my husband even got in on the naming.  From the top left going clockwise the white chicken is Felicia, Tilly, Hawk Eye, and the bottom left is Dory Escape.  That is pronounced Es-cop-pay, like Dory says it in finding Nemo.  She was the first chicken to escape so her name is fitting.  We also have a Coco Moco, LaVone, Francis, and Honey who aren't pictured.  They have been laying eggs and getting to know our family.  They are fun and kind of therapeutic to be around.  Right now they are enclosed under their nesting boxes, but we hope to have a larger run for them soon.  We have quite a few predators in the area and are nervous about letting them roam the yard just yet.  But the best part is......

 Aren't they beautiful!  My kids get so excited to check for eggs all day long.  It has been a fun summer adventure so far. We are learning as we go along so I'm sure I'll be posting about "the girls" more often.  But this has been a great lesson for our family in becoming a little more self-reliant.  


  1. So cool!!!!!! You have an Americana! I love their colored eggs.

    I have had chickens for almost 3 years. I live 2 blocks from a university in the middle of town.
    We love them.

    1. They really are great!! And I really should learn what kind they woman we bought them from kept telling us all about them and the info kind of all blended together.

  2. Upper left corner is a leghorn.
    Upper right corner is an Americana! Tuft of hair under each eye and they lay colored eggs.
    Bottom left is a red sex link I think.
    And I have no clue what the bottom right is, but it is a beautiful bird!

    1. Thanks so much!! They have been so much fun! The colored eggs are beautiful!!


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