Friday, October 16, 2009

Emergency Essentials Food Analyzer

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Have you ever wondered how much inventory you have in #10 cans, and storage pails? I found a great way to calculate your numbers. Emergecy Essentials has come up with a food calculator to help us with this. I like that I can calculate the cans that I already have and see how many days this would feed my family. There are 12 categories to choose from; cereals and grains, Meat/TVP, Desserts, Mountain House freeze dried foods,MRE's, even grocery store items. There is also a tab for entering your own item.

It is simple to do and easy to input the numbers, the caluculator does all the work for you. I could feed my family for 139.45 days with just the canned goods and storage pails that I have right now. There is an instruction tab if you need some help. Plus it gives you ideas of items that maybe you didn't think to have in your home storage such as spelt flour, mangos and popcorn.

I realized that I need quite a bit more fruits and vegetables in my storage (although my children would argue that point). And if you feel so inclined there is ordering information available right on the spot, and nutrition information. I don't know if I really think of the nutrition of the items that I am storing, I think of if my family will eat it. It was an eye opener to see the areas of nutrition that I was lacking. I really like Emergency Essentials for a lot of my food storage needs. They have fun items like sour cream powder and celery (I know you may not think that is fun, but I do :)

Click on the link below to try it out for yourself. It was fun to try! Be careful though, you could be using this a lot to keep track of your storage. :)

Click HERE to read more information on the food storage analyzer.

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