Saturday, October 17, 2009

"The Staff of Life"~Week 5

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"The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat."

-Brigham Young

Wheat-so much can be said about this amazing grain. A large part of your food storage will be made of grains and 100lbs of that is wheat. Wheat comes in hard and soft, red and white. I love hard white wheat for its mild flavor and for ease in making bread. It is up to you and your family's taste to what wheat you prefer.

Wheat that is stored properly will last 30+ years. Storing properly means in a #10 can away from light, heat and moisture. Food grade poly buckets also work. I have mine sealed with gamma lids that screw off and on. If you haven't stored wheat and have decided to take the October challenge and purchase 50lbs of wheat, just remember that a wheat grinder is a must. If your budget doesn't allow a grinder right now, don't worry, there are so many ways to use wheat.

Defining Wheat (from

  1. Berries: Wheat is boiled to resemble rice. It is also the name of the uncooked kernel.
  2. Bulgar: Wheat has been parboiled, dried, debranned and ground to make it cook fast.
  3. Cracked: Wheat that is milled at a very coarse setting or is just "cracked". This is good for use in hot cereals.
  4. Flakes: Wheat that is rolled.
  5. Gluten: The protein found in wheat. You can buy/make gluten.
  6. Ground: Wheat is processed in a grinder to make flour.
  7. Sprouts: When wheat is planted and watered as seeds.
So you see that there are ways to be using your wheat without a grinder. One way is to roast the kernels.

Roasted Wheat Kernels
1/4 C. wheat berries (whole kernel)
1/ T. oil
1/3 T salt
Heat oil in a skillet and add wheat. Pop like popcorn. Swirl around so they don't burn-sprinkle with salt while they are still hot. They don't get puffed up like popcorn but do become a little puffy wheat kernels.
Remember to introduce wheat slowly to your family's diet. Your tummies will thank you for it. Also 1 in 100 people are allergic to gluten so don't put off trying your wheat until there is an emergency because if your family is allergic an emergency is not the time to find out!

Sprouting is also a wonderful way to use your wheat. Read the post HERE that goes through sprouting wheat. (Wheat turns into a vegetable when sprouted?!)

Self-Reliant Challenge:
  1. 50lbs of wheat in October.
  2. Purchase extra items on your 3-month menu plan list.
  3. Adding sunscreen, scriptures, extra set of keys to your 72-hour kit.
  4. Keep gathering water until you have at least 14 gallons per person.
Sources for purchasing Grains in the Salt Lake Area:
Dry Pack Cannery- 730 W. 800 S. 801-240-7370
Emergency Essentials-3300 S. 110 W. 801-994-1055
Macey's Food and Drug -7850 S. 1300 E.
Honeyville Grain- 635 N. Billy Mitchell Rd. 801-972-2168
Lehi Mills- 1-800-660-4346
Bosch Kitchen Center- 6265 S. Highland Dr. 801-272-4932

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