Saturday, April 3, 2010

April is Here

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Welcome to a new month, April is here! Next to December, April is one of my favorite months. This is the month of case lot sales, Conference, Easter, and maybe some warmer weather. This is the month to take inventory of your 3-month supply. There are many sales on canned goods that make it very easy to stock up for at least 6 months worth of food. If you need canned oranges or pears, or maybe tuna this is the month for you!

I want to give everyone a challenge this month. Make a list of ingredients from the recipes that you are going to use for a 3-month supply. (If you haven't already made one) These can be recipes that you use now or maybe some simpler recipes that you could make without a lot of prep. Which ever you choose, make a list of ingredients. Use this list to shop from and you will have stored food quicker than you thought. (Click Here if you need more info.)

Case lot sales start on April 7th and go for 2 weeks. This is a great opportunity to save a lot of money and get a lot of food. I will list the prices and deals as soon as they are available.

April's other goals are to gather seeds/sprouting supplies and to have cleaning supplies stored. Gardening is a wonderful way to become self-reliant. Being dependent on the grocery store for our food is not a safe insurance policy for food storage. Learn how to garden or plant something new this year. I have just gotten into gardening and am excited to plant more than I did last year.

Cleaning supplies are items that you will really want to have on hand if you aren't able to get them from the store. Disinfectants and sanitizers are a necessity when there is sickness around. In a disaster this becomes even more important as cleanliness will help to keep infection and disease from spreading. Storing ingredients to make your own household cleaners is a topic we will cover in later posts.

Watch the blog this month for case lot pricing and posts related to cleaning and gardening. This will be a really fun month and hopefully many of you will get a great start or add some great items to your storage.

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