Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 Month Supply and Case Lot Deals

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 The Church strongly encourages us to all have a 3 month supply of food. Take note that 3 months is the time frame of a quarantine. Hmmmm.....If we were to be quarantined in our homes for 6-8 weeks, and we were all prepared, then we could feed our families and have the necessary non-food items at our finger tips. When our 3 month supply is complete we are encouraged to keep adding to our food storage until it becomes a year supply. exactly do we get a 3 month supply?
  1. Start with meal planning. Plan a week's worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and write them all down. Make 2 columns, in the first column list the ingredient. The next column lists how much of that item is needed for each meal. (If 4 different meals contain rice, write down the amount for each meal and add them up)
  2. Now you know how much food you need to make these meals one time. For a 3 month supply, multiply the amount by 13. Now you have the amounts needed for 7 days worth of food (repeated) for 3 months.
  3. I personally have 5 weeks worth of meals planned out because a lot of dinners contain similar ingredients and can be switched around to seem different. Plan as many meals as you would like to have in rotation.
  4. Now that you have your list of ingredients you also have your shopping list. When the items on your list go on sale you need to buy your 3 month supply amount, or as many as your budget allows. As time goes on and different sales happen, you will accumulate all the items on your list. (Sales rotate about every 3 months)
  5. Once your list is complete and all the items are in your home you need to USE them. The meals that you planned should be meals that you already enjoy. And since you are using your storage and replenishing the items when they go on sale, nothing is wasted.
  6. I took this one step further and keep enough food for a years worth of my meals. Once you get into the swing of things with your 3 month storage a years worth isn't so daunting.
One of the reasons I started this blog was to help you find the items that you need for your 3 month supply AT a great price. I will list sales and prices when I feel they are a great deal, so you can choose which items work for your menu. If planning many meals and calculating seems too daunting then some items such as canned soup, stews, chili, and other items that have a great shelf life need to be in your house.  I love this quote....."If you want to save money, then you're gonna have to learn how to cook". I believe in making a lot of my family's food from scratch and that also saves my family money. Having basic baking items is a big part of food storage and if your meals have side dishes of muffins or breads, I encourage you to know how to make them from scratch and not only from a mix.

September through December are the months to purchase food storage items. These months include the biggest holidays for baking and cooking and sales coincide with those ingredients, like sugar, flour, chocolate chips, and oil. September is case lot month in Utah, and October-December are baking item sales galore. For example, canned pumpkin goes on sale in November and you won't find it on sale for the rest of the year.  Stock up when food items are at their lowest price point!!  Come January your pantry will be ready for any situation and you will have the peace of mind that you have prepared and can handle a difficult situation.

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