Sunday, September 20, 2009

Water Storage-Week 1

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We all know we need water and lots of it. The Church recommends 14 gallons per person in your home. It is best to have 2-3 sources of water in your home. I have everything from a 55 gallon to small water bottles and they are in different storage places. If we needed to evacuate I don't think any of us could carry a 55 gallon water container. The Dollar Store sells 1 gallon bottles of water and they even have a little handle attatched to the top. I have some of these for our 72 hour kits. We could grab them and take them with us. 
Remember that you will need water for cleaning and bathing. I use old juice and soda bottles to store water. Here are some guidelines for storing water:


Use only food grade containers. Check the bottom of the bottles to see if it says PETE (or PET). That means the bottle is safe for water storage and won't break down.

  • Don't use milk cartons to store water. They degrade over time and no one wants to clean up water that has escaped its container.

  • Clean and sanitize your bottles. 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 quart water will clean out those juice bottles.

  • Do not use bottles previously used as NON-food containers.

  • Use only clear soda bottles for drinking. Use the colored bottles for cleaning water as the colored bottles may leak dye into your water.


  • Water from our chlorinated supply does not need further treatment when stored in clean, food grade (PETE) containers.

  • Containers should be emptied and refilled about once a year if they have been in the sun or in areas where the temperatures fluctuate.

  • Store the containers where leakage won't damage your home.
  • Protect your stored water from light and heat. Some containers may burst if frozen.

  • Mark the container with the date. If you want to refill and rotate them on a regular basis.  I only rotate the water that I have outside.

  • If water tastes stale, pour it between two containers to get air into it.

If you do need to purify your water follow the amounts below.

Bleach Purification
1 quart of water 2 drops of bleach (1/8 t is equal to 8 drops of bleach)
1 gallon of water 8 drops of bleach
5 gallons of water 1/2 teaspoon of bleach
If your water is cloudy you will need to double the amount of bleach. One gallon of bleach per person is needed in your storage. (it does expire...rotate after 8-12 months. write the date on the bottle when you buy it)

Everyone has a goal this week to collect containers or purchase water containers. Have at least 2 gallons of water per person in your home. Even if you have a 55 gallon container you will need smaller containers. Every week you will need to add to this storage until you have 14 gallons per person. For my family we have 7 people and the 55 gallon container will only give everyone 7 gallons of water. Can one have too much water? I know I don't want to go thirsty. :)

The water container pictures are from and You can order the containers from them as well.

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