Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grocery Deals & Food Storage Excuses

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It's Wednesday and that means new deals for us to find. The prices listed are the great sale prices for this week and are stock up prices. Find what items are on your meal list and stock up. Try to get a 3 month supply for at least one ingredient. I abbreviate some terms, here is the guide:

PP=how many you need per person per year
PF=how many you need per family per year
PP/Month=how many you need per person per month
WF=western family brand

**These deals are from 2009
  • Campbells Chicken Noodle, Tomato soup 2/$1
  • 7-up products Buy 4 get 1 Free = .80 each (great to have on hand for sickness)
  • Colgate toothbrush/toothpaste .94
  • Kroger butter $1.66
  • Kroger Ketchup 36oz. $1.09 (25 bottles PF)
  • Large eggs 18ct $1.50
  • Kroger apple juice 64oz. 4/$5
  • Kraft Mac' n Cheese 2/$1 (40lbs of grains PP)
  • Kroger instant oatmeal 4/$5 (20lbs of oats PP)
  • Kroger assorted cereals up to 14oz. .99 (10 boxes PP)
  • John Morrell spiral cut half ham $1.99lb (freeze up to 1 year- 1lb PP/Month)
  • Tyson Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.79lb. (1lb. PP/Month)
  • La Banderita flour tortillas 8ct. $1
  • Smiths buttertop white or wheat bread 4/$5
  • Cottonelle bath tissue 24 rolls $5.99
  • Kroger peanut butter 18oz. 4/$5 (4 jars PP)
  • Red/Green Seedless grapes .89lb
  • Tomatoes on the vine .99lb
  • Propel fitness water .47 (great to have on hand for sickness)
  • Lean fround beef 96% lean 1lb. chub buy 1 get 1 free 2/$4.79 (freeze up to 1 yr)
  • Keebler snack crackers up to 16oz. 2/$4 (1st 2)
  • Nabisco Crackers up to 16oz. $1.75 each when you buy 4
  • WF cottage cheese 16oz .88
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breats $1.39lb (sold in family packs) (freeze up to 1 yr)
  • Colgate toothpaste .99
  • Mennen speedstick deodarant .99
  • Apples, red/goldes/gala/washington .69lb
  • Avocados .50
  • Celery .69 each
  • Green peppers .50
  • Yellow onion .39lb
  • WF Cake mix .79 (10-15 PP)
  • Sour Cream 16oz. $1
  • 7-up products 2 liter .79 (great to have on hand for sickness)
  • V05 shampoo/conditioner 15oz. .69
  • Fresh broccoli/cauliflower .58lb
  • Green bell peppers 2/.98
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses............
One of the excuses that people have for not having their food storage is that they can't afford it. I am here to tell you that you CAN afford it.
  • Eat out less
  • Take advantage of sales
  • No impulse buying
  • Cook from scratch (anything a manufacturer can make, so can you)
  • Plan menus!!
  • Entertainment: stay home, use the library, buy second hand
  • Keep your car longer
  • Have a money jar for spare change (cash in the change and use for your 72-hour kit or to buy food storage items)
  • Be Thankful: if you are constantly thinking of things you have to have you won't appreciate what you are blessed with.
Most of us DO have money we could channel into food storage but without focus it is all too easy for the money to slip through our fingers. Keep this in mind: (all the cans are #10 cans size)
  • magazine subscriptons for a year can be around $40=1 year supply of canned spaghetti
  • Wii games are $49.99=6 cans of sugar, 6 cans of pinto beans & 3 cans of oats
  • Movie tickets for 1 child and 1 adult (no snacks) $17.50= 6 cans of potato flakes
  • DVD's cost $19.99=7 cans of white rice
  • CD's cost $14.99 (average)=8 cans Hard Red Wheat
  • Red Lobster dinner for 2 $50= 9 cans of apple slices
  • New hardcover books $17-$25= 6 cans macaroni
Just keep in mind where the money spent is going and think of some alternative ways to find the items that you feel you have to have. Renting dvd's and borrowing movies and cd's from the library are some options. If you make your food storage a priority you will find ways to finance it. I love this quote: "The money slips through our fingers as we munch our way through life's countless Burger-McWendy's or avert out attention from the fact that PayPal really isn't always our pal". All we have to do is to decide, commit to it, and then keep the commandment. Blessings and miracles will happen!

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