Saturday, November 13, 2010

Self Reliance Expo- Part 2

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This week I wanted to continue with my time at the Self Reliance Expo.  There were so many wonderful people and so much information to gather.  If you missed the first post click HERE and you can read through it.

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids
 This is for EVERYONE who cans!! These canning lids are like none other. You can reuse them indefinitely!  I know, you think there has to be a catch, but this is for real!!  These lids can be used indefinitely, are BPA free, you can use them with a pressure canner, water bath, or vacuum sealer (Food Saver), FDA & USDA approved materials, and they use a standard metal band.  Plus they are dishwasher safe!  Does it get any better than this?  They had many bottles of canned food and I carefully checked them because I have been kind of skeptical of these lids, but even the pressure canned chicken was tight!  The man at the booth said he still uses some lids from 1974!  You have to put these on your Christmas list.  Visit to order some for yourself!  I bought a box of 12 lids for $7, not bad at all!

LDS Welfare Services Booth- Using oxygen absorbers to bottle your food!

LDS  Welfare Services
You couldn't have a Self Reliance Expo without the LDS Welfare Services there.  I buy the majority of my bagged food storage at the cannery.  You can't beat their great prices.  For those of you who aren't LDS you can go with your LDS friend and use the cannery or buy in bulk.  The trick that I found very interesting (because I have never thought to do this) was to use the little oxygen absorbers in plastic bottles to seal your food.  They had rice in one bottle and beans in another and you could see the absorbers at work because the bottles were sucked in.  I thought this was a great alternative to using only the #10 cans.  I wouldn't do this for 30+ year storage, but for keeping your food fresh, this was a great idea!!

The Salt Lake City Office of Emergency Preparedness were at the expo spreading the news about taking CERT classes.  I know many of you in the neighborhood just finished taking these classes and I am so excited to hear of your graduation.  (I hear it was quite a fun class)  The really important information that I got at this booth was to register your cell phone with the emergency alert reverse 911 service.  They can call your cell phone to alert you of any emergency's in your area.  (right now it is only good in SLC)  Go to to register your cell phone! One other tip that they gave me was to keep an old land line phone (meaning it has a cool, curly cord) under your bed so you could plug it in during an emergency.

Life Sprouts Booth

Sprouting is an area of preparedness that I am looking into and I really want to know more about.  Life Sprouts are the makers of the Sproutmaster.  "The World's Greatest Sprouter and Crisper".  I tried the sunflower sprouts and they were yummy!!  If you would like more information you can call them at 435-245-3891 or write Life Sprouts P.O. Box 150* Paradise, UT* 84329  

Global Sanitation Solutions

The Porta Potty and tent all fold into this compact case!!
The Global Sanitation Solutions company sells the item that everyone forgets to add to their storage, the POTTY!  This company has made a cardboard, fold-able, toilet that is portable and light.  They also sell the ChemiSan powder that turns human waste into environmentally-friendly soil.  This would eliminate the digging of holes to dispose of waste.  And don't laugh, but I want the OnTheGo privacy hut for Christmas.  It pops up fast and it weighs less than 10lbs.  You can use the hut as a shower stall as well, it has an open bottom.  Visit (this site may not work, try this link for Deseret Books pricing) and for more information and pricing.  (this is a local company and it is great to support our local economy)

The Ready Store and the Water Brick!

The Ready Store is another local preparedness store.  They have many great items and options for your preparedness needs.  The item that I have to say is pure genius is the Water Brick.  These water storage containers can stack like bricks and are much easier to carry than any other water container I have ever tried.  You can use these bricks as a flood barrier and even build a shelter out of them.  Food can also be stored in them as they have a wider opening than the usual water container.  Check out for much more information about this really cool product!  And to learn more about The Ready Store go to or call 1-800-773-5331 Mon-Fri. (they offer FREE shipping! Think of holiday gifts)

Goal Zero power pack

Have electrical power anytime or anywhere with the Goal Zero products.  These are solar panels to charge the Power Hub.  You will get approximately 50 hours of light from a fully charged hub.  For more information check out and

Preparedness Products- Providing the pieces to be prepared!
This woman is my idol.  :)  I am kidding, but she is the nicest, most talented lady when it comes to using your food storage and organizing your storage. She is the co-author of my favorite food storage cookbook.  It is called "The Essential Food Storage Cookbook" and it has delicious recipes.  One of my favorties is the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, and come to find out this recipe it the authors secret recipe that she used to never give out.  Every recipe that I have made from this book has come out wonderfully and it really helps to rotate your storage.  This is a great book to give as a gift, just ask my sister :)  Tami Girsberger sells ready to go luggable loos, manual washing machine in a bucket with all the necessities, rolling suitcase first aid kits, and Instafire buckets (these pellets are wonderful for fire starting)  Check out her website for all her products and pricing  

The Berkey Guy
Have you heard of Berkey water filters?  They are top of the line and on many people's wish lists.  They are pricey but they are amazing!  Check out for more information!

Honeyville Grain
I hope that if you haven't already, you will take a trip out to the Honeyville Farms store.  They are located at 635 N. Billy Mitchell Rd in Salt Lake out by the airport.  They have great products and amazing customer service.  They also have classes at their location.  I went to a Sun Oven class taught by the maker of the Sun Oven and it was so fun to learn from the creator!  Go to to see a complete list of products available.

Jan Jackson-100 Day-Pantry
Jan Jackson came up with such a clever concept that I had to buy her book!  Her idea is that all you need for complete meals is what you can get from a can!  When you shop the case lot sales you can purchase many cases of food and then wonder what to do with it. This book has only recipes using food from a can.   I highly recommend this book.  I read it cover to cover the night I bought it!  In an emergency this plan allows you to feed your family quickly.  It also allows you to plan for a more long term food storage need, such as planting a garden.  You will have meals from cans until you can produce your own food!  Her plans helps you rotate your complete can storage in two years and it is also great for the nights when the kids want to cook!  To order her book, visit  This book would also make a wonderful Christmas gift, especially if you included some cans to go with it :)

If you can believe it I have one more post saved for next Saturday, November 20th.  I will have the last booths that we saw and it will wrap up my visit at the Expo.  I hope you find helpful & useful information from these great companies!

November Goals:
  1. Cooking essentials-yeast, baking powder, baking soda, spices, oils, flour, sugar,salt, etc. 
  2.  Personal Hygiene supplies.  Watch for sales and buy enough to last for 3 months.  This includes all feminine hygiene items, diapers/wipes, soaps, shampoo's, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, hand sanitizer,etc.  And if you don't have a portable potty, this is the month to finally get one put together.  Click HERE to view a previous post on luggable loo's.  
Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!

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