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Self Reliance Expo- Part 3- My Favorite Things!

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Are you thinking of Christmas yet?  If you need some great gift ideas read on because there were some great booths, with great products, at the expo.  This is the 3rd installment of my trip to the Self Reliant Expo on Nov. 5th, and I have to admit these are some of my favorite booths.  If you missed the first posts then click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2.  

Carolyn Nicolaysen of
The wonderful woman above (I call her the queen of preparedness) is how I won tickets to the Expo.  Carolyn Nicolaysen has probably the most informative blog and website on preparedness on the web.  Carolyn writes a blog, has a radio show (click HERE to listen), writes a newsletter and has a website, all with preparedness in mind.  She also has a new book out called "Totally Ready For The Road" and it is a must have for every glove box.  Carolyn also heads up a yahoo group dedicated to preparedness, (click HERE to join the group), and I have had so many questions answered by people who are preparing just like me.  If you follow along with her blog you can create a general store in you own home.  Carolyn takes simple steps to get your general store stocked! Click here to get informed!  Carolyn has a wealth of knowledge and she really wants to help everyone to be prepared.  I highly recommend you read her blog often and subscribe to her newsletter!

James Talmage Stevens signing my copy of the "Family Preparedness Handbook"
I met the rock star of preparedness and he is signing my copy of his book in the picture. (don't laugh, we all have idols :)  If you buy your loved ones only one book on preparedness this holiday I suggest "Making the Best of Basics-Family Preparedness Handbook".  I can't think of any topic that isn't covered in this book!  It was a really great read with MANY ideas and the motivation to prepare.  While I was reading his book I felt as if I were taking a college course on preparedness, I had my highlighter out and took notes.  That is how informative this book is!  You will have no excuse in the world to stall your efforts in getting prepared after reading this book.  James also has an award winning Blog Talk Radio show.  Click HERE to listen in and get more info. And also check out his blog at  (you can order his book there as well)

Steve's Stackable Open Storage

This has to be my FAVORITE product at the whole expo!!  Steve's Stackable Open Storage has 
to be one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever come across in home storage.  These hanging wood shelves hold 120 soup can size cans (they hold 6oz-46oz cans easily) and hold hundreds of pounds!  These shelves fit into the under used space in the ends of your closet.  The assembly of this product is also unique because it has notches that allow you to slide the pieces together without nails or glue.  The shelves are also able to stand on there own.  Steve can custom build shelves for you for your entire storage room if you need even more storage space. There is NO excuse for you to say you have no room for storage.  Think of every closet in your home and how many cans you could have stored away if you had these shelving units! One shelving unit only costs $67.98, and would make a great Christmas gift! Check out Steve's website for more information,   They are a Utah company, support your local economy!!

Emergency & Disaster Prep.
 The Emergency & Disaster Prep company will supply you for any circumstance.  They have amazing stoves and ovens that use kerosene to cook with.  They had single burners on up to standing units and they cooked so well.  I saw bread that had been made in the oven (the black box on the left in the picture) and it looked just like oven baked bread.The red/cream stove under the black oven sells for around $69 and the small green square burner on the right was only around $30!  They also sell much more than just stoves.  They carry all kinds of kits from first aid to 72-hour kits, power supplies, shelter ideas, food storage, water storage, etc!!  Check out their website  and they can do group orders to save you money! These are definitely on my Christmas list!

Volcano II Collapsible Stove
The Volcano II Collapsible Stove has been on my wish list for awhile now!  This stove can (stay with me now) grill, dutch oven cook, wok, BBQ, pan fry, boil, skewer, bake, roast, deep fry, stir fry, broil, and steam!!  This stove efficiently burns fuel and uses only 12-15 briquettes per meal.  You can also change from charcoal to propane or wood in seconds.  If you stored 15 bags of charcoal you could have one hot meal a day for one year!!  (store charcoal in buckets to keep them dry) The stove also collapses to only 5" when not in use.  I want to own this stove along with the kerosene stove from above.  Check out the Volcano Stove at their website, they cost $134.95 right now.  

Mountain Valley Seed company
 The Mountain Valley Seed company is a local wholesale seed company.  I have sprouted wheat, but I still feel like I am a beginner in the whole sprout world.  These guys answered all my questions and they really knew their sprouts!  They distribute many seeds and also groups of seeds in #10 cans to local companies. (they also sell them on their website)  That would make a great gift for Christmas!  Many of us don't think about being able to grow our own food after the stored food is gone.  All of us need to store seeds!   Check out their website for more information!  

Doug's Shoot N Sports
Last, but not least is Doug's Shoot N Sports.  I loved their banner (sorry for the blurry photo) because they sell a product that many don't think about, or do think about but don't want to ever have to use, a gun. Believe it or not, but the time may that you may need to protect your family and your food storage from those who felt they didn't need to prepare.  Doug's is a premier gun store and shooting range.  They offer all kinds of classes and have great prices.  They are located in Taylorsville at 4926 S. Redwood Rd.  Check out for more information! 

After the Expo I felt so motivated to amp up my storage and fill in the gaps that I have.  I hope these posts have helped you to find products that will encourage you and help you prepare!  I don't endorse ANY of these companies.  I wanted to find any and all information that will make preparing easier and share them with you all!


November Goals:
  1. Cooking essentials-yeast, baking powder, baking soda, spices, oils, flour, sugar,salt, etc. 
  2.  Personal Hygiene supplies.  Watch for sales and buy enough to last for 3 months.  This includes all feminine hygiene items, diapers/wipes, soaps, shampoo's, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, hand sanitizer,etc.  And if you don't have a portable potty, this is the month to finally get one put together.  Click HERE to view a previous post on luggable loo's.  

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