Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indoor-Safe Heaters

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A few years ago my furnace quit working.  Of course it was in the middle of the winter and all I have to say about staying warm is thank goodness for electric blankets!!  If we had had an indoor-safe propane heater we would have stayed warm until the repair man could get to our house.  

Having a way to keep warm isn't just for emergency's like earthquakes and other natural disasters.  An earthquake hasn't destroyed my home in the middle of winter, but I have had the need for a heater more than once when our furnace went out.  

Some of the best products on the market for indoor-safe heaters are from the Mr. Heater company.  A great place to look at and purchase them is at Emergency Essentials, but there are many other retailers that sell them.  (a Google search will show you many options)

Mr. Heater's come with low-oxygen shut-off sensors and tip-over shut-off switch!!!  They range in price from $69.95-$139.95 and there are several different sizes available.

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