Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last Week For February Goals!!

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February is almost over!! I know it's a quick month, but it really flew by!  Take one last look at the goals for this month and see if you can finish one or more :)


3-Month Supply Goal:  Write down all the meals your family enjoys and make an ingredient list from those meals.  You will notice a pattern of similar ingredients, and your goal is to purchase those ingredients this month.  When I went through my recipes I noticed we used cream of mushroom soup in quite a few recipes.  This month my focus would be to purchase a 3-month supply of that soup.


Water Storage Goal:  You will need to have 1 gallon of bleach per person to treat contaminated water.  Bleach will only last about 6-12 months for water treatment, so make sure to rotate!


Financial Reserve:  Take one week this month and write down every penny you spend.  This will show you exactly where you could be saving and also how much you could be saving.  Use your new found savings to purchase food storage!! 

Long-Term Storage Goal:  Our goal for February is to store vegetables.  This is a tricky topic because I know that most people like fresh veggies versus the canned version.  Your task is to find out which canned versions your family will eat and store those.  Don't forget about dehydrated and freeze dried options.  I use my dehydrator to dry my extra produce and then seal in a mason jar using my Food Saver.  I won't last 30 years but does give me more options than having canned veggies.  There are many options at emergency preparedness and even at some grocery stores for you to have dehydrated and freeze dried veggies in your storage.

Check out Emergency Essentials HERE or Honeyville Grain HERE.
They both have great options and sales on #10 cans of dehydrated and canned veggies.  

Emergency Preparedness Goal:
This month you need to store fuel and a heat source.  It can be a Mr. Buddy heater (click here to read more about Mr. Buddy), fireplace, kerosene heater, newspaper logs etc.  The fuel needs to be stored outside of your home or basement!!!  There are also limits on how much you can store!
Utah State Code for Fuel Storage  

Quantities of flammable & combustible liquids not exceeding 10 gallons can be stored in proper containers.  Gasoline should not exceed 30 gallons and will need a fuel stabilizer if storing more than 30 days.   Do NOT store fuel in your home or garage!!!  Store in a shed in the backyard.  Keep an ABC fire extinguisher on your property!!

To read an AMAZING hand out on fuel and heat sources, CLICK HERE.  There is a section on lighting in an emergency, but we will focus on that in December.  Heating information starts on page 8!

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
Feel the Peace!

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