Saturday, April 9, 2011

Case Lots & Classes

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I had a week full of case lot shopping and emergency prep classes.  I love learning more about preparedness and seeing how others organize their food storage.  

I attended two classes at Honeyville Farms in Salt Lake City.  They are free and open to anyone.  In April they have a class every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.

This past Tuesday Glen Weeks (a retired Major in the Army & Preparedness Consultant) gave a lecture on emergency preparedness and getting through the first 72 hours of an emergency.  He  explained how sanitation would become our biggest problem if there were no more working indoor plumbing.  Everyone needs to have a portable loo.  Click HERE to view a previous post on luggable loo's.
My favorite quote from Glen was "Everyday is practice day for doomsday!" You can read more from Glen on his website HERE.

Today I attended another class at Honeyville taught by Liesa Card.  She has written a wonderful book titled "I Dare You To Eat It" and she describes her journey of food storage and obedience.  I learned how she keeps 30 meals in her kitchen by storing her food by recipe.  So in one cupboard are her rice dinners with all the canned goods together for that recipe.  She does this for wheat, pasta, rice, beans, and potatoes.  What I took away from hearing Liesa is that we, as members of the church, are commanded to prepare and in doing so we can help others along the way.  We can be the person to bless others in time of need along with being prepared for our own families.  Check our Liesa's website HERE.  

Remember you have until Tuesday to shop the case lot sales! Stock up and get great prices on food before they soar even higher.

April Goals

3-Month Supply Goal:  Use your ingredient lists (made from all the recipes that you are including in your 3-month menu) to shop the case lot sales.  Buy at least one case of food for your storage.

Water Storage Goal:  Look for deals on water. (Smiths has a 24ct case of water for $2.50).  Also use this month as your water rotation month. Empty those large water containers and fill them with fresh water.

Financial Reserve Goal: Use some of your savings (from Feb. & March) to purchase a few cases of food from the case lot sales.

Long-Term Goal:Purchase food and supplies from the case lot sales.  Do you see a trend?:)  It is your choice as to what to purchase, but don't let the sales end without purchasing a few items. I love to get all my paper towel and toilet paper from Maceys grocery store.  I try to get at least 6 months worth (the next case lot sale will be in Sept. to restock)

Emergency Preparedness Goal:  April and October are our 72-hour kit months.  You will need to get yours out and go through them.  Eat the food near expiration and rotate warm and cold weather clothes.  If you don't have a 72-hour kit PLEASE have a basic kit with a backpack, water, and at least some granola bars.  Then work on expanding your kit.  Look on the side bar of the blog for more ideas to add to your kits. 

This is such a great time to catch up if you haven't been stocking your pantry!  Don't waste any more time, get those cases of food and start cooking with them!  

Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!!

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