Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emergency Prep Classes

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I attended 2 emergency preparedness classes that I would like to share with you.  Both classes were held at the Honeyville Grain store out by the airport.  They are free and open to anyone.  Click HERE to get more information.
Check out Honeyville on facebook, they update info often!

The first class was taught by Lisa Barker, the store manager, and her class was about "What's in Your Ark?"  We learned about having a one month supply and how much that would cost.  
One Month Supply
Grains 25lbs 
Powdered Milk 
Sugar or Honey 5lbs
Salt 1/4th box
Fats & Oils 1 2/3lbs
Legumes 5lbs
Cost of buying this all at Honeyville as of 4/2011 was $40.00 & change. That is very affordable and you would have the basics for one person!!

Oat Groats & the Oat Roller
The most interesting part of the class was learning about oat groats and how to roll them.  They have a 25-40 year shelf life when stored properly.  And 1/2 C groats grinds into 1 C of oats. You wouldn't need to store as much of the groats as the regular oats because they double in size.  A bag of groats cost $29.00 at Honeyville, and the oat roller is also available at the store.

Hand Held Food Saver
The most exciting gadget at the class was the hand held food saver.  I have written about the food saver but I have to pull mine out of the cupboard and get all my parts out.  But with the hand held device it just stores on your counter!  You can store ALL kinds of things in glass canning jars and seal it with the food saver!  I store chocolate chips, marshmallows, seasonal candy, baking soda, baking powder, dehydrated fruits and veggies, raisins, spices, etc.  Your imagination is the limit! When you open a #10 can of dehydrated or freeze dried food you can seal the unused food in mason jars and it keeps like it was sealed in a can!  Honeyville will be selling these starting next week (4/25).  They run about $34.xx!!  Having a food saver will allow the food in your Ark to last longer and save you money!! If driving out to Honeyville is too far, you can order online.  Check out their website at

 Are You An Asset or a Liability?
The second class was taught by Tami Girsberger, and she taught us how to be an Asset and not a Liability when it comes to disasters and emergencies.  We all have different assets to share with others.  In an emergency I may have the food and luggable loos while others may have knowledge in the medical fields.  Others may be a comforter to the distressed and many will have the ability to repair homes and buildings.  We all need to have compassion and know that our specific asset will be of use in an emergency.  Tami has a great company that sells portable potties and washing machines out of 5 gallon buckets.  Her website has more info.

One of the most important pieces of information that I took away from her class was that we all needed a PLAN!  If there was an emergency during the day and your husband was at work and your kids were at school, where would you all meet?  Have a family meeting and talk about a neighborhood meeting place and a meeting place outside of your neighborhood.  Also you NEED to have an out of state contact that everyone knows the phone number of.  If you couldn't contact your family because of phone lines being tied up, you may be able to reach the out of state contact person.  This way if everyone checked in with that one person you would all be on the same page and have the comfort of knowing everyones situation. 

I found out about Steramine from Tami.  It comes in a small bottle and contains 150 tablets.  You dissolve the tablets in one gallon of water and it will sanitize anything and kill any germ or bacteria that you can think of.  Use it to sterilize cooking and bathroom areas, and also your dishes.  The bottles are $6 and are available through Tami.  Her email is  

Also check out the really cool water containers, called Rocky Mountain Water, that are portable and don't ever expire. Turn them on their side and they have a spigot that pokes into the water bladder. You can order them through Tami as well for around $6.50 when you buy 6 or more.

There was so much more information learned at these classes. I highly suggest you check them out!  On Tuesday, April 26th at 11:00 the executive chef from Shirley J will be cooking and demonstrating the Shirley J products.  Yummy!!

Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

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