Saturday, May 14, 2011

Building Your Ark- Debbie Kent

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I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful and amazing class today at Honeyville Grain. (they really know how to get some great speakers!!)  Debbie Kent from  taught 2 classes on food storage meals and building your ark.  The information that I received and the lessons learned were so helpful and there was so much that I can only give you a tiny sampling of what was taught.  But you are in luck because Debbie has all of the information from her classes on her website.  I highly recommend you read or even print out Debbie's handouts from the class.  The information is invaluable!!

Click HERE to view the Meals Made Easy class handout.

Meals Made Easy
Plan, plan, plan!!!  That is how you will make cooking and storing easier.  Plan a warm weather and cold weather menu (6 months of each) with theme nights (Mexican, Italian, crock-pot, pizza night, etc) and you will have the menu set for a whole year!!  This system allows you to know what you need to have in your home store to cook all of these meals. When items go on sale you can buy enough to last you for all of the meals in your plan. 

In the class we learned several different ways & ideas on HOW to store your meals.  These ideas will help you use your storage and simplify dinner. The books below are great resources for making dinner easier now and in an emergency.  See what works for you and your family and start storing!!

Mix-A-Meal-use dry ingredients to make your own mixes for muffins, tortillas, soups, pancakes, etc. Saves time, money, and less preservatives and can be adjusted to any dietary needs.  This is your fast food-food storage. :)

Dinner In A Jar-using dehydrated and pantry items to have meals ready to go in a mason jar. Add water and a few canned goods and you are all set for dinner!  Kathy explains how to use mason jars or Mylar bags to store your meals.

It's In The Bag is another great concept that you may want to incorporate into your storage.  All the ingredients for a complete meal (all spices & water) are stored together in a bag.  All you have to do is grab the bag and cook your meal.  Great for kids to learn to cook and also if Mom isn't available someone else is able to cook dinner!

Building Your Ark

What did Noah learn:  Keep The Woodpeckers In the Cage-haha
The second class that Debbie taught was entitled Building Your Ark-Lessons Learned From Noah.  Noah listened to God, had faith, gathered food, had a place for everything (storing your food storage), had water, had shelter, had light, and food.  We can learn from Noah and apply this to our lives.  What do you want in your ark?  Noah built the ark board by board and level by level.  We need to remember this when we are gathering our food and supplies.  We can not get a year supply of food and supplies over night. Take some time to ponder- What board to you need to be working on?

Debbie also had thought provoking quotes in her PowerPoint.  I suggest reading  THIS talk by President Ezra Taft Benson, entitled "Prepare Ye."  Very, very interesting stuff!!

Just like the people in Noah's time-  If you wait...It's too late!!

Right now it's not to late to begin and to learn all you can about food storage and preparing!!  On Tuesday, May 17th at Honeyville Grain the president of the Sun Oven will be demonstrating and teaching all about the Sun Oven.  The class is free and is held twice, at 11:00am and 1:00pm.  Don't put off what can be done today!!!

Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the PEACE!!


  1. Hi - I am loving your site!!!! I do have a question - I clicked on the handout for the building your ark and there is an error. Is there anyway I can see that? Email it to me maybe? Just let me know and I will send you my email in a private message. Thanks so much :)

    1. Hi Becky! I think the link is working now, sorry about that!!! I appreciate you letting me know it wasn't working. This is the link as well:

  2. the peace of preparedness link that you provided appears to be broken? thanks


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