Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun Oven Class

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Paul Munson, the president of Sun Oven, taught a very informative class on the Sun Oven at Honeyville Grain.  If you have no idea what a Sun Oven is check out the website HERE.  They are light weight, easy to use (you can't burn anything but cookies) and use NO power outside of the sun.  The Sun Oven cooks meat until it is tender and juicy and it just falls off the bone!  I learned that you can set a cardboard carton of eggs (with the lid torn off) in the Sun Oven and in about a half hour you will have hard "boiled" eggs!!  Isn't that the most amazing fact!!  The Sun Oven retains all the moisture inside the sealed box so your food stays moist and doesn't dry out!  When cooking you will need to use 1/3 C LESS water in your recipes because the water isn't evaporating.  
  • Cooking food takes a little longer than in a regular oven.  Don't plan on eating dinner in the evening.  Plan on a midday meal.
  • Use only black enamelware to absorb the heat of the sun.  Glass and metal will work just plan on a little longer cooking time.  
  • Use lids when cooking to ensure the moisture stays inside the pot.  
  • Cookies will burn in the Sun Oven if left unattended.  The sugar in them causes them to burn.  Most other foods will be kept warm and not overcook if left in the Sun Oven.
  • The Sun Oven can be used YEAR ROUND, as long at the sun is out you can cook with it!! 
  • You can stack pans, cookie sheets and pots in your Sun Oven.  Use canning rings or small cooling rack to keep the pans off the bottom of the Sun Oven. Have beans cooking in one pot and a pot on top of it cooking the rice.  The heat is even inside the chamber and the pot and food will be the same temperature, so stacking your cookware lets all the food cook at the same temperature!
  • If you open the lid during cooking, add 10-15 minutes to your cooking time.
 There is also a way to pasteurize your water using a Sun Oven and mason jars.  Strain your water through a coffee filter or cheese cloth and then fill mason jars.  Place in the sun oven, elevated on canning rings or cooling rack.  Add a WAPI to one of the jars.  Don't know what a WAPI is? It is a water purifying instrument and it is so simple you may think it's too good to be true! Inside the WAPI the green wax will melt and when the green wax gets to the bottom of the WAPI your water is safe to drink!! Let the WAPI "dry"  for about 2 minutes and you can use it all over again!!  So simple and yet so needed in many parts of the world! Think of the ease of purifying your water over and over again with an $8 product!  Click HERE to view more information on the WAPI.  You can also purchase these at Honeyville Grain.

I filmed a few videos during the class and you will see that there is WAY more info than I could type here, so PLEASE visit the Sun Oven website for more videos and information!

Learn all about baking bread in the Sun Oven from Paul Munson, Sun Oven president.

 Learn all about cooking a whole turkey in the Sun Oven.

Cooking Corn and Boiling Water in the Sun Oven

Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Sun Oven

Making Cookies In The Sun Oven

I got almost to 300 degrees
I used my Sun Oven for the first time this spring and made some chocolate chip cookies.  They were delicious and so easy to do! 

 I used this recipe HERE from Every Day Food Storage.  The butter is replaced with white beans in this recipe :)

See the goals for May HERE!

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

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