Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Goals

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It is time for a new set of goals!  June is here and hopefully bringing some warmer weather with it.  Have you all planted a garden yet?  I planted mine, but I am hoping for some sunshine to help it grow.  There is nothing more amazing than planting seeds and watching them grow into food.  It really does amaze me to think of all the things my Heavenly Father has created and how miraculous it is to watch a garden grow! {and I have wasted so many years not growing my own garden!!}  I am hoping to have enough food to dehydrate and store for the winter months.  Fingers crossed :)  

Check out a really great website that has so many ideas on how and what to do with your dehydrated food. 

June Goals

3-Month Supply Goal:
You are only allowed to buy items for your 3-month supply this month that are on SALE!!  Save some money and build your pantry at the same time.  Buy 3 months worth or the amount your budget allows.

Water Goal:
Warmer months mean you need more water.  Make sure to have water stored in your car and at work.  (Everyone who works away from their home should have a mini 72-hour kit in their desk or taped to the underside of your desk.  If you are in an earthquake at work and you are sitting at your desk, where is the first place you would go?  Under your desk! If the building was damaged and you were under your desk waiting for rescuers you would have some food an water to keep you alive!! Add a whistle to help rescue workers find you.)

Financial Reserve Goal:
Start a change jar today and call it your food storage savings jar!  Use this money to purchase items for anything related to preparedness!!

Long-Term Storage Goal:
This month our goal is to add fruit to our long-term storage.  There are many freeze-dried and dehydrated options out on the market.  Most of them are delicious, but make sure you try them before buying a year supply :)  Dehydrating your own fruit and sealing in mason jars with a food saver is another great way to save money while adding variety to your storage.  This is where your garden comes in handy!  Plant some fruit trees or berry bushes and try something new this year!

Emergency Preparedness Goal:
Goal0 Solar Power Packs
This month's focus is on GENERATORS & SOLAR POWER.  I have to admit that I don't know a whole lot about either subject but that is why I love the internet!! You need to research and find out what works for your family and your budget.  I am really interested in the Goal0 company and their products.  The has a great post HERE on the Goal0 products.  And another great post on generators HERE.

 Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

Don't forget to check the blog on Monday's for the new Prepare Today Homemade posts!!

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