Monday, June 6, 2011

Prepare Today Homemade- Boiled Omlets

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Summer is almost here!  Many families go camping during the summer months and I have been reading up on Dutch oven cooking and other ways that families cook in the outdoors.  I found a really fun recipe that is easy and also adaptable for different tastes.  Making an omelet in a bag allows you to have your meal in one disposable bag (no dishes!), anyone can make this (if you can boil water :), and almost anything can be added to it, so even picky eaters can customize their omelet!  I found this recipe from and thought it would be a great recipe to try on your next camping trip or just cooking at home with the kids. 

Omelets In A Bag Recipe
3 eggs
2 sausage links, veggies, other meat, etc. (great idea for leftovers or your dehydrated veggies!!)
shredded cheese
(optional) salsa
pot of boiling water
a Ziploc bag
a pot
a plate
Boil the water. While waiting for it to boil, crack the 3 eggs into a Ziploc bag. Put the sausage, cheese, and salsa in there too. Get all the air out of the bag. Mush together all of the ingredients. Once the water is boiled, put your Ziploc bag into the water. Wait 15 minutes. Once done, open bag onto a plate.

Here is a great video for all you visual learners (that's me!)

How simple is that!  I am going to try it with my powdered eggs and see how it goes!  This would be a great way to have a protein source in an emergency.  

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  1. What a fun idea we are totally trying that! The kids would love it


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