Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dollar Store Emergency Lighting

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While perusing the aisles of my local Dollar Tree dollar store today I found something that could be handy in an emergency.  
 Outdoor solar stake lighting!  These particular models are for Halloween, hence the spider and web, but they work just like the other garden stakes you get at the store.  

 They are about 10 inches long and they would be great to use in an emergency.  Stake them outside in the sun and then bring them in at night for lighting.  You could group several together in a #10 can for lighting on a table or work surface, or use one like a flashlight to help guide your way.  I left one outside today and brought it in when it got dark.  It was bright enough to use as a flashlight and I can only imagine how bright a few of them would be on a table.  

 Here is one stake in my bedroom lighting up my nightstand.  It illuminated the area quite well.  

If you are near a dollar store and think this may be a lighting idea for you I suggest you head on in and purchase a few.  I bought 6 of them from a display that was right in front when I walked in with all of the Halloween merchandise.  I am not sure if $1 a piece is a good deal or not, but I can't imagine a box of 6 would be less than $6 at a big box or home improvement store.   

**Update:  24hours later and the light is still going strong.  I put all 6 lights that I bought in my storage room last night and the one that was charged is still going.  

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