Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparing For The Storm

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I have been thinking a lot these past few days of the warnings the people on the east coast are getting right now.  The storm of the century is suppose to hit early next week and it looks and sounds pretty scary!  What I also thought about was how prepared would I be if I lived there.  I think we have all the food an water to ride out a storm, but I would really like a portable heater.  It is actually what I want for Christmas this year, so I hope there isn't a disaster before that.  A friend of mine lives in New York and she said as a side note, we better fill up the milk jugs with water there is a storm coming.  I think this is the thinking of many, many people.  We will just run to the store or fill up a few milk jugs a few days before the storm hits.  What's wrong with this thinking is that everyone else is doing the same thing.  Grocery stores will be cleared out!!  Many people are not actively preparing before a disaster.  What if this storm is as bad as they are predicting??  Electricity and water could be out for weeks before they get around to fixing everything.  Scary situations!!!

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 And if you had to shelter in your car, check out THIS POST.

Do you have all the essentials for an emergency?

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Take the time NOW before the storm arrives to prepare your family!!

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