Monday, February 11, 2013

Prepare Today Homemade- Food Storage Recipes

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Finding new recipes to add to the blog every week has caught up to me.  I didn't have time this past week to cook up anything new, but I want to share one of my favorite blogs today.

Jamie Cooks It Up!

I find many of my recipes from amazing food blogs online. One of my favorite sites is Jamie Cooks it Up!  She has great tasting recipes and beautiful pictures to make your mouth water.  Jamie put together a list of 40 recipes from her site that use pantry items.  They all look delicious and as a bonus they use food storage.

Click HERE to see Jamie's list of 40 Food Storage Recipes.

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  1. Food Storage Recipes-Use these 20 Minute food storage meals recipes to rotate your food meal storage and introduce your family to the meals they would like to eat.


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