Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life's Little Speed Bumps

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When did life get so crazy?!?!  I thought after my move that I could settle down and get back to my "normal" routine.  Well, life can throw you curve balls at any moment.

 I half stepped off a bottom porch step and broke my foot the other day. This has slowed me down and is quite frustrating when I have so many people dependent on me.  So, cooking has been not so adventuresome and I have just been doing the bare minimum around the house.  I could totally look at this in a preparedness viewpoint, but I am just going to be so grateful for modern medicine right now.  I am so grateful for doctors down the street from my home, that work in a clean and fully stocked medical center.  I love knowing there is electricity and x-ray machines available at all times.  I will not take for granted these modern conveniences, but a small part of me really does think "what if?", and so maybe I'll stock up on some splints, just in case :) At least I can add a boot to my medical supplies now :)

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