Saturday, March 16, 2013

Preparedness in the Right Direction

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I try to make preparedness a part of my everyday life, and accomplishing smalls things everyday allows me to live a self-reliant lifestyle.  I thought I would list a few of the things that I did this week that either used my food storage or my emergency preparedness items.  Not everything that I do is some big spectacular project, it is mostly small things that keep me going in the right direction.

Charging my Goal Zero unit.

  • I used dehydrated strawberries and apples in my children's lunches this week.
  • My dinners this week included many cans from my food storage, corn, beans, pears, mandarian oranges, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, tomato paste.
  • I made homemade hamburger buns for sloppy joes.
  • We ate M&M's for dessert that had been sealed in a mason jar. 
  • We eat farina (cream of wheat) for breakfast every morning.
  • I bought 15 dozen eggs that were a great price at the grocery store. Eggs store for quite a long time and with Easter coming up we will go through these quite quick.
  • I used canned applesauce in place of butter in our chocolate chip cookies.
  • My daughter hurt her back and I have heat packs in my medicine stockpile.  She was able to put one on for some relief.
  • Another child has a cold and needed cold medicine.  One look in the medicine stockpile again and she found what she needed.
  • And the biggest project that I did this week was to charge my Goal Zero generator unit. It needs to be charged every 1-2 months to keep the battery going strong.  I started it in the sun and then moved it inside to plug it into the wall for faster charging.  The solar panel will charge the unit in about 8-10 hours, but I was running out of sun.      
As you can see, nothing major accomplished this week, but even just using a few cans here and there will rotate my stockpile.  I will look through the sale ads tomorrow as usual to see what drug store items are a good buy.  Then I will look through the grocery store ads on Wednesday to see what item are a great price and I can add them to my food storage.  I am constantly keeping on top of my preparedness so I don't get behind and become overwhelmed, and it doesn't take much to keep doing that.  Just think of something you can do everyday to keep you moving in the right direction!

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