Monday, September 1, 2014

National Preparedness Month

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Did you know that September is National Emergency Preparedness Month?  

What can you do to make sure you and your family are more prepared?  

The Red Cross has a great handout that outlines the most important things you need to do to be prepared.  Click HERE to view it.

Also, look for preparedness fairs put on by your county or city.  We have one coming up on September 15th.  It's a great time to familiarize yourself with your local fire department, health departments, police, and different preparedness retailers.  There will most likely be printed information available from your local gas and electric companies on how to turn off power and gas.  Last year I received a booklet on what to do in an emergency in my area. It is all great info to have on hand and it's personalized for where you live. has also listed a weekly preparedness theme.

Week 1 – How to… Reconnect with Family After a Disaster.
Week 2 – Know How To plan for specific needs before a Disaster.
Week 3 – How to… Build an Emergency Kit.
Week 4 & 5 – How to… Practice for an emergency.
For more details about National Preparedness Month visit: #NatlPrep

Are there any goals that you have been meaning to accomplish and have been putting off?  Take the time this month to do at least one!  It can be as easy as buying extra water at the store, or making a plan with your family.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Preparedness is not a one time event.  It's a way of life and living.  I know everyone can do this, and I hope you will do it, and find the peace that comes with being ready!

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