Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Earthquake Preparedness Reminders

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The earthquake in northern California last weekend can now be added to the growing list of natural disasters our world is experiencing.  If you haven't learned from these disasters and started storing away food and water, you may want to take a good, long look at your priorities right now.  Take a few moments and make a plan for your family.  Have water, food, shoes under your bed, flashlights in every bedroom, BE READY!!  

Say what you will about FEMA, but they have a great printout that you can use to start your emergency family plan.  Click HERE to print your copy and start your plan today!

 Earthquakes are unique because we don't know when they will hit.  There are few warning signs, if any, of an earthquake happening.  But those of us who live in areas that have earthquakes have no excuse to not be ready for one.  Having food and water is so important, but another important part of earthquake preparedness is to prepare your children.  Show them where to go in your home during the quake.  Call your children's schools and find out what their emergency plans are.  Decide on a meeting place outside of your home.  All members of your family should know where this meeting place is if they are not home during a disaster.  I have 5 children in 4 different schools.  If I am not able to get to the schools, my two oldest will walk to the two schools by them and collect their siblings and proceed to walk home, if able.  We've decided to meet at our church building down the road.  Once decided, your family plan needs to be talked about often so it becomes common knowledge for your family. A's so important!!!!

After a quake there will be mass confusion, property damage, and probably chaos for awhile. 

-Try not to tie up phone lines, use text messages instead.  

-Don't light a match or lighter until you are positive there are NO GAS leaks!  If you must turn off your gas don't try to turn it back on, leave it to a professional.  

-Be prepared for after shocks.  They could happen for a week, or longer, after a quake.  

-Be careful if the quake happened at night.  Glass will most likely be everywhere.  Always keep a pair of sneakers under your bed, along with a flashlight.

Power Surges
Power Strips only protect from one surge.
 While listening to the radio after the California quake last week, I learned a great tip.  There will most likely be power surges following a quake.  The easiest thing to do would be to unplug all your electronics, but having a surge protector is smart too.  But did you know that a power strip surge protector will only work once!  I had no idea!  So if you do experience a power surge, you will most likely need to purchase new power strips for your electronics.  Oh, and there isn't a power strip strong enough to withstand a lightning strike.  If you are experiencing lightning go around and unplug everything. Just as a precaution.

Please BE PREPARED!!!   This is why I have this blog, to help all of you NOW, before the disaster strikes!

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