Saturday, May 23, 2015

Self-Reliant Saturday-- Earthquake in Vegas

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A 4.5 magnitude earthquake was felt in Las Vegas Friday Morning (5/22/15).  One has to wonder how many warnings we will get before it happens closer to home.  Please take the time to have a family emergency plan, 72-hour kits ready to go, and your food storage up-to-date.  

Click HERE to view a post on emergency evacuations and a link to print out a family emergency plan.  

And check out the left side-bar of this blog to see a list of items that may work for your 72-hour kits. 

For food storage and water basics CLICK HERE.

It's never to late to start a food storage program for your family!  If you go out right now and buy a case of are on your way!!!

"Are we prepared for the emergencies of our lives?  Are our skills perfected?  Do we live providently?  Do we have on hand our reserve supply?  Are we obedient to the commandments of God?  Are we responsive to the teachings of the prophets?  Are we prepared to give of our substance to the poor, needy?"
               -Thomas S. Monson April 1986 General Conference

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