Saturday, May 16, 2015

Self-Reliant Saturday-- Food Storage Basics

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Basic Storage is the foundation of any good food storage program. It is composed of life-sustaining foods that store well for long periods of time. 

While shopping at a local thrift store I found a really cool preparedness book. 

Written in 1969 it was a jewel of a find. While it doesn't have all the latest information on food storage it did have over 100 recipes that ONLY used 4 basic foods; wheat, powdered milk, honey and salt.  The whole concept of this book is that by storing only the basics you would be able to stay alive and survive in an emergency.  The author made meat wheat and all forms of gluten, sprouted wheat, candy, cookies, crackers, cereal, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc, and even had a seven day meal plan.  I'll have to read the whole book and do a proper review of it later, but it got me thinking of the basics in any food storage plan.  

The LDS Church does recommend that we store the basics found in the book above and now I know why.  There is so much that can be done with those four foods. I found a chart in my files, and I do not know where I got it from, of the amounts needed for food storage basic supplies.  This includes a more well-rounded meal plan than just wheat, powdered milk, honey, and salt.  Take a look and see where you could maybe fill in the gaps in your storage.  If you bought the amounts listed below once a month, for 12 months, you would have a year supply for one person.  Multiply the amounts by the number of people in your family to have food storage for every member of your family. 

One Month Supply
Based on a suggested amount, a month's supply for one person would consist of the following:
(the amounts are based on a 2300 calorie diet)

Grains (wheat, rice, oats, pasta etc)   25 lbs.
Powdered Milk   6.25 lbs.
Sugar or honey  5 lbs.
Salt  1/4 box
Fats & Oils  1 2/3rd lbs.
Legumes  5 lbs.   

Estimate 1 gallon of water minimum per day/per person

Purchasing in cans would be:
(1 Case of 6 #10 cans)
1 can wheat
1 can rice
1 can rolled oats or macaroni
1 can popcorn 
1 can non-instant dry milk
1 can dry beans 

5lb bag flour
4-5 lb bag sugar
26oz box salt
32oz bottle oil

One Month Supply of Shelf Stable Foods
Based on the MINIMUM of 1600 calories for one adult
18 oz. box oatmeal
1 lb rice
20 oz pasta 
5 lb flour
1 lb popcorn

34 cans vegetables (or freeze-dried equivalent)
26 cans fruit (or freeze-dried equivalent)

2 lb Velveeta (or freeze-dried cheese equivalent)
4 cans evaporated milk (12oz)
3.2 lbs powdered milk 

1 jar peanut butter (18oz)
4 cans tuna
4 cans chicken
4 cans ham 
8 cans cooked beans

PLUS:  oil-shortening-nuts-sugar-syrup-jam-molasses-salt

NOTE:  For a 2400 calorie diet add 1 more box of oatmeal, 1 lbs of rice, 40 oz pasta, 1 lb popcorn, 17 cans of veggies, 8 cans fruit, 1 can chicken, 1 can ham, and 5 cans beans

When the numbers get broken down into monthly amounts it seems a little easier to buy food for a food storage plan.  Don't get frustrated...please just start small and take it a step at a time.  
(watch for a book review this week of  "Passport To Survival" that I found at the thrift store)  

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