Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preparedness 101

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With all of the news coming from the disaster stricken Haiti, I am consumed with thinking "what if this had happened in our state?". The last 2 weeks I have pondered daily of how prepared my family is for an earthquake or other disaster. Having our 72-hour kits in order and in a place that is easily accessible and making sure we have plenty of water are top of the priority list for me.

I am pretty much begging all of you to store water. Money has no currency in Haiti, they only wanted water those first days after the earthquake. So I am pleading with all of you to have several sources of water in your home. Under the stairs, under your bed, in the car, a 55 gallon container, or any soda or juice bottle (that has been sanitized-click here to learn more) will work. This week you all need to store at least a couple of gallons per person.

Another great idea, that came out of the unthinkable situation where children were being claimed by the wrong parents, is to have ID cards with pictures in every one's 72-hour kits. You need to have one ID card with all your information and also a family photo that shows everyone together. This could also be copied and put in your child's school backpack. Your children may vary well be at school when an earthquake hits. Keep all the information in Zip lock bags to avoid getting wet. 

Click HERE to print out some great information sheets that the Pleasant Grove Ward has put together. You just need to print out one copy per person in your family. So now that all the work is done for you, what are you waiting for?

Get your 72-hour kits together today! The pictures to the right give 2 examples of a 72-hour kit in a backpack and in a 5 gallon bucket. Pick what works for you and make sure that the kit can be carried. Have a first aid kit, and shoes near your bed in case of an emergency at night, and have water stored.

Please don't delay any longer. The disaster in Haiti should have given us all a BIG wake up call as to what we could experience here in Utah. Click HERE to view information on earthquakes in Utah.
Click HERE to view a previous post on water and 72-hour kits.

January Self-Reliant Goals:

Powdered Milk 16lbs PP: Purchase milk at the LDS cannery for the best price. If you can only go down and buy the 25lb bags that is great, it is a start.

Non-Food Storage Goal: Bleach 1 gallon per person. This will be used for cleaning and water purification.

72-Hour Kit Goal: Gather a change of clothes including underwear and shoes for every family member. Include warm coats and boots or have them immediately accessible. Also put $20 in cash in small bills in your kits.

Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy the blessings!
Feel the peace!!

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