Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top Ten Signs You Have Enough Food Storage

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My goal when starting this blog was to help those who read it to build up a supply of food and supplies.  If you have been following you will notice that I assign monthly goals to be accomplished.  This is mainly for those in my ward, but everyone is welcome to participate.  I felt that having monthly goals would help those that were overwhelmed to get their storage little by little.  As I drive around town or am waiting in line at the store, I watch how many people are around me.  I wonder if these people have a way to sustain their family in an emergency, or are they going to depend on someone (or an agency) to help them.   I have always had an urgent feeling when it comes to emergency preparedness, but lately I have that feeling more and more!  In light of all that is happening, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, the market crashing, etc., I have a strong feeling that not enough people are prepared for what may come!!

Even if you don't feel the way I do about storage {gasp!} you have to know that if something happened, like an earthquake in Utah, you would need basic supplies after the disaster. Don't count on others to be there for you! And don't count on the stores having what you need!! Stores on the east coast were filled with people gathering last minute items before Hurricane Irene hit.  This picture is from a friend of mine at a Walmart while pre-storm shopping.  She went for some bread....
NO bread left!!  (Kendra Muntz)
 As you can see, if you wait, it's too late!!!  Don't let this happen to you!  Begin today!  Store what your family eats!!  Store what your budget allows!!  As long as you begin, you can slowly build up a supply that will allow you and your family to ride out the storm!!

Read through this list of the Top 10 Signs You Have Enough Food Storage (it's all in fun:) and see how your storage stacks up.  (the list is from HERE)
Top Ten Signs you have enough food storage!

10 - The rent for your warehouse is higher than you house payment.
9 - Most of the food you eat is five years old or more.
8 - You have so many rooms filled with bottled fruit you have decided to never move into another house.
7 - When entering your pantry you have a legitimate fear of being crushed by an avalanche of cans.
6 - You are using your stash of pinto beans as collateral for a loan.
5 - Your storage room has a mandatory illuminated exit sign above each door.
4 - One side of your house is slowly sinking from all of the weight.
3 - You have a special provision in your will to divide all the jars and cans equally amongst your children.
2 - You recently asked a new-car salesman if he would take sacks of wheat as a trade-in.
and the Number 1 sign you have enough food storage---Your forklift always needs repairs!

So if you are using some of those excuses when people ask you about your storage, you are free from gathering food for your storage, for the rest of us- Our long-term goal for August is to store GRAINS!  This is a big category so pick one category (pasta, rice, wheat, oats, flour, cornmeal)  and work on that.  The LDS Cannery, Costco, Sam's Club, they all have great prices.  And Remember that coming next month Smiths will be having a case lot sale and you can easily pick up cans of food for a great price.  

Read about all the goals for August HERE!!


  1. Have you seen the RM I laugh my be-hiney off because they have food is everywhere in my house. Under beds, in shelves, cupboards, all over really. Makes me laugh....
    Have a good one.

  2. Thanks for a laugh. I guess now I will know when to stop!


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