Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Goals

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August is almost here and it's time for a new month of goals.  Focus on what you can accomplish and what your budget allows!  And remember that you need to store what your family uses. I give suggestions, but the ultimate decision of what to buy and store is up to you!!

3-Month Supply Goal
  This month you need to organize your kitchen.  Being able to use your 3-month supply in everyday cooking means being able to know what you have.  Having a place for every item makes day-to-day food preparation simpler.  Take notes on what items you need to shop for and keep a shopping list in view so you are reminded of what to watch for during sales.

Water Goal

  Add baby wipes and pre-moistened wipes (Wet Ones wipes) to your storage.  These are very effective for cleaning and showering without using your precious water storage. If you don't have access to water the wipes will allow you to take a sort of sponge bath.  In times of stress it is amazing how the feeling of being clean is to our sanity!!




Financial Reserve Goal

  The case lot sales are coming next month and you can get some amazing deals on bulk food!  Set aside some money this month to use in September for the case lot sales. 

Long-Term Supply Goal

  This month we will be focusing again on GRAINS. This category encompasses a wide group of items so we are breaking it down into two months worth of goals.  Pick one area to focus on and get a year supply of that grain.  Don't feel you have to have the amounts given in each category, only buy what your family eats!!
Amount to store for 1 adult for 1 year: 
Wheat 150lbs               Rice 50lbs
Flour 25lbs                   Pasta 25lbs
Cornmeal 25lbs
Oats 25lbs

Emergency Preparedness Goal
  This month you need to add or inventory your first aid supplies.  If you currently have a first aid kit, look through it and check that the bandages will still hold if used.  Add a couple bottles of hydrogen peroxide to keep cuts clean and to disinfect surface areas.  There are many pre-packaged kits that are affordable and widely available.  Keep a kit in your car and a small one at work.

Don't forget about the Prepare Your Ark Preparedness Fair THIS Friday and Saturday, August 5th & 6th, at Honeyville Grain.  They are located in Salt Lake City at 635 N. Billy Mitchell Rd.  Take I-80 West and take the Wright Bros. Drive. Head north and make a left turn onto Billy Mitchel Rd.  This fair is FREE!!!!  AND there are amazing giveaways and amazing information!!!  Don't miss it!!  Click HERE for more info on classes!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
    Feel the PEACE!!

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