Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Dare You To Eat It

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I dare you to eat it!  Is that how some of you feel about the food you have stored in your basements?  If a time came when you had to eat and use your long-term storage, you would probably wish you had had a system of using your food storage in your everyday life.  Liesa Card wrote a wonderful book called "I Dare You to Eat It" and I was lucky to hear her speak{at Honeyville of course!!}on how she does food storage.  

Liesa freely admits she doesn't like to cook and is too busy to spend all day in the kitchen. She has come up with a system that works for her and she wrote her book to share it all with others.  Liesa encourages us all to store what we use and not store mystery food that we would maybe need in an emergency.  (sound familiar?)  Food storage needs to become a lifestyle, not a big project we keep meaning to do.

Liesa stores a years' worth of the basics (wheat, oats, rice, pasta, beans, & potatoes) and makes her dinner menu from these ingredients.  She has a calendar and each night is assigned one of the basic ingredients.  Monday is wheat, Tuesday rice, Wednesday pasta, etc.  It is as simple as adding cooked wheat berries to your sloppy joes, or using your canned chicken in white chicken chili. You can see in the picture, that on the left she lists all the basic 7 ingredients and in the middle are all of the recipes days.  The 3-month ingredients, including the grocery store and all fresh ingredients are incorporated into the monthly recipes. Liesa organizes her recipes in a binder with a tabbed section for each basic ingredient.  Start with a few recipes and add on when you find others that work for your family.  

An amazing tip that I learned was how easy it was to store a years' worth of food for my family.  Liesa gave us the formula to figure out how many cases of the basics you would need to store.  These are the cases of 6 #10 cans that come from the cannery. 

# of people in your family x 2 = # of cases of each of the 7 basic ingredients that you would need for each person in your family

I would need:
7x2=14 cases of each basic ingredient (which = 98 (14x7) cases per person for my family)
The 7 basic ingredients are wheat (count twice to be able to make bread etc), rice, beans, pasta, potatoes, oats. (oats are for breakfast and cooking, Liesa didn't include them in the dinner rotation)

Make it a priority that you will spend your extra money on your food storage.  We really can do without many of the items we sometimes feel are necessities and are really wants.

There are so many ways to store and use your food storage and you need to find what works for your family.  Once you get into the grove of finding, using, and storing, it becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle.  The overall feeling of peace will leave you happy and confident that you can be the one to comfort your children and friends and neighbors!

Liesa Card has a great website, check it out! 

I can't tell you how much I learn from going to the classes at Honeyville Grain!  On Tuesday at 11:00 am the class will be all about the electric pressure cooker.  You don't want to miss it!!

Don't forget:  
Honeyville is having the most incredible Prepare Your Ark Preparedness Fair on August 5th & 6th!!  They will have classes, giveaways (a Sun Oven, Volcano Stove, just to name a few!!), demonstrations, food & more!!  On Saturday there will be a free breakfast that includes, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, & drinks-all using food storage items!!

Honeyville Classes are taught by the experts in home storage and emergency preparedness.  I encourage you all the attend those that interest you!  They are FREE and so informative (plus we have fun and eat yummy food)!!  I have met some amazing friends in these classes along with learning useful information. 

Tuesday, July 26, 11 AM – “Pressure Cooking – Perfect Under Pressure!” with Lisa Barker.  Wouldn’t we all love to have a little more time in our day?  With an electric pressure cooker you can cut down on the time spent in the kitchen so that you can spend more time OUT of the kitchen.

Upcoming class during August - "Replacing the Five White Deaths", "All About Oats", "Dehydrating", "Coconut Oil-It's A Must", "Canning Basics"

Watch for our Preparedness Fair August 5 – 6th - Classes, Demo’s, Fabulous Prizes - You really shouldn’t miss this event!  Some of the Teachers are: Chef Tess, professional chef and nationally known blogger, Debbie Kent, presenter at BYU-Idaho Education Week, Glen Weeks, Leisa Card & Michelle Snow among others.

Call the store for more information about the classes & fair  801-972-2168 or click HERE to see their website.
Honeyville Grain
635 No. Billy Mitchell Rd.
Salt Lake City

It's the last week of July.  Have you stored you water yet?  Click HERE to see all of the goals for July.

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