Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Goals For July

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Scorching heat, fireworks, BBQ's, and family reunions=July!  Summer is in full swing and it's time for a new set of goals.  This month is all about water and storing lots of it!  It is suggested that you should store 14 gallons of water per person for a 2 week supply. This is the bare minimum for water storage, strive to store as much as possible.    

Goals For July

3-Month Supply Goal: Your assignment this month is to make an entire meal without using electricity.  No mixers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, toasters, you get the idea.  Use your camp stoves, sun ovens, BBQ's, Dutch ovens,  or campfires to cook your meal.  There is no use in having a camp stove tucked away.  Learn how to cook with it BEFORE the emergency!

Water Goal:  This month you need to learn how to shut off your water to your home.  Click HERE to read a great article with illustrations on how to turn off your utilities.

Financial Reserve Goal:  Try using a "cash only" system for grocery shopping this month.  Set a budget and only use your cash for purchases.  It makes you think twice about buying things when you are actually handing over cash and not just swiping a card!!

 Long-Term Supply Goal:  July is one of the hottest months in Utah and we all need to have extra water on hand.  Keep it in your cars, at your work, at home (in several places) and in your garage.  Use all of your soda bottles, detergent bottles and juice bottles to store cleaning water in.  I don't think I can stress enough the importance of having plenty of water stored.  

Emergency Preparedness Goal:  It is camping season and all the stores will have camping gear on sale!  When is that last time you had your family tent out, or aired out your sleeping bags?  Your goal is to set up your tent to make sure it doesn't need repaired or cleaned, and have a sleeping bag for every person in your family.  I would also suggest having a camping pad to go under the sleeping bag.  You will be extremely cold if you sleep in your sleeping on a tent floor.  The ground will seep the warmth right out of your body.  Your other goal is to have a Utah map in your car, with at least 3 different routes mapped out, in case you needed to evacuate quickly.

{Watch for sales this month on all BBQ items including charcoal, condiments, paper goods, etc.  Now is a great time to stock up on them and have them in your pantry to use all year round.}

Enjoy the Journey!
Enjoy the Blessings!
Feel the Peace!!

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