Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heavy Duty Homemade Cleaner

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One of the ways that I save money is by making my own household cleaners.  I use them on my floors, windows, stainless steel, etc.  But there has always been one area that I could never get quite bathroom floor.  I have a rather small master bath and every time I use hairspray it gets all over everything and then the dirt sticks to it and it doesn't come of easily.  I have tried several commercial cleaners, glass cleaner (commercial and homemade), and rubbing alcohol, but I still couldn't get the hairspray off of everything.  Until, while browsing Pinterest, I came across a "recipe" for a heavy duty cleaner.  It came from a day care owner and so I figured I would give it a try.  Amazingly enough, it worked as well as it was described.  It got every square inch of my bathroom clean, including the window, walls, floor and mirror. Plus, I didn't have to scrub very hard for it to work. I am a happy lady!! I was so excited to have a cleaner that worked!!  And it uses every day ingredients that I already had on hand.  


Here is the recipe for Heavy Duty Cleaner:

1/4 C white vinegar
1 T liquid dish soap
1/4 C washing soda (this is sold on the laundry aisle and it isn't baking soda-see the photo above)
2 gallons very warm tap water

Place all ingredients in a bucket and mix until sudsy.  Use a sponge, mop, or scrub brush to clean surfaces. **Not recommended for waxed floors.

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